Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pest Control

Our fun times came to a screeching halt this week when we realized that Ava picked up lice from somewhere.  This was our first experience with it, but obviously, we had both heard how tough it was to deal with them in the aftermath.

And it's all true.  I've spent hours this week, treating and combing through Ava's hair, examining her hair strands, looking for any last little nits that I can find.  I have done a gajillion loads of laundry, all in hot-hot-hot water, so we can sleep peacefully knowing that we don't have any louse of the loose.  I have learned SO much about lice this week, and my fingers are crossed that we have eradicated them.  It doesn't appear that Scott, G, or I have had any little visitors, but we'll keep watching ourselves closely the next few weeks.  The good news is that I now know exactly what to look for, and can nip it in the nit, right away!

One of my coworkers mentioned that tea tree oil is a natural deterrent, so I've purchased some and will be adding it to everyone's shampoo, to help ward off those little buggers. 

On the positive side, I had a great week at work - very productive, with two site walkthroughs going really well.  Ava had her fall conferences this past Wednesday, and she's doing great at school.  She's above average when it comes to math, excels at reading, but could work on her handwriting.  Now we know what to focus on at home!  A few of my standard questions are, "Does she play well with other kids?  Does she have friends?"  Her teacher confirmed that yes, she's always off and running around, playing with her classmates, and in fact, she's very, very kind to a girl in her class who needs that extra encouragement.  As Mrs P. said, "Ava's a real hunny."  And that warms my heart!

Counting her Halloween loot - I think she got well over 100 pieces of candy!

Hunting season is upon us, so I was flying solo as the only parent this weekend.  Grandma Deb helped us out by picking up and keeping Ava overnight on Friday, so I had some really great quality time with little G.  He's doing so well at daycare...he's learning, he's putting words together in sentences, he's dancing all around, and his throw is getting to be pretty decent.  His latest obsession is anything with a football on it - pictures, clothing, pjs, whatever.  If we could somehow get Mickey Mouse with a football, his mind would be blown.  We've got one more year before we can sign him up for any type of sport, but guaranteed, we're going to get that kid out there (and if he doesn't like it, that's ok!) 

Yesterday morning, we checked out the craft show at the high school.  It's fairly large, and I was able to start knocking a few things off the Christmas list.  The only bummer was near the end when we had stopped to look at a booth, and Ava backed up into it, and a ton of their crafts (wooden signs, decor) fell on top of G's head, while he was in his stroller.  He ended up with a cut over his hear, and a decent size bump, but luckily, no crafts were broken.  I was so shaken up, though, and have been keeping a close eye on G...he seems to be okay, but ugh.  I also used this as a learning lesson with Ava...we tell her constantly that she needs to watch where she walks, and maybe, just maybe, this will help it sink in as to why she needs to be aware of her surroundings.  And, I did end up buying some decor from that booth, so there's one positive that came out of it!

This weekend has been a bit more low key than the last few, and I'm super thankful for the downtime.  It appears the holidays are upon us, so I need to start focusing my energy on that, and making sure I don't procrastinate when it comes to everything holiday-related!

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