Sunday, October 11, 2015

Similar, yet Different

I've learned everything I know about siblings from watching our two kids interact with each other over the last two years.  As an only child, I never had firsthand exposure to sibling relationships, and what they entailed.  This has been a unique learning experience for me, and I can only assume that it will continue to evolve and grow over time.  Ava is an amazing big sister, very rarely getting jealous, and always willing to lend a hand with G when asked.  Garrett is an observant little brother, and often mimics what Ava is doing...whether it's her crazy dance moves, or her funny sayings (hilarious to listen to in a toddler boy voice!)  They are so much alike, different.

I hope these two continue to have a good relationship, well into adulthood!

Yesterday, we drove down to Cannon Falls to meet up with my parents, and my great-aunt Doris.  Doris and her friend came into town (from Kansas) to visit for the weekend, so although the visit was short, it was good to have a chance to catch up.  Doris hadn't seen Ava since Ava was little, and she had never met G, so I'm glad that we've been able to bridge that gap.  Our little family of four had lunch, and then walked by the river for a bit...there was a wedding at the Cannon River Vineyard.  G was super outgoing and waved to all of the groomsmen and was yelling "hi!" at everyone who walked by.

We stopped at the trout pond and fed the ducks and swans.  Madness ensued as the food went flying!

We stopped into the Cannon River Winery (home of my very favorite red wine: GoGo Red- YUM!) and Doris, Mom and I did some wine tasting.  Ava kept us entertained while the guys went across the street to have some beer.  Once they came back, G had a blast dancing to the live music...he put on a good show for the people in the winery...and then he got tired.  And then we ALL got tired. :) 

So, back home we went, where we got in some good napping time, before pizza at our house with Mom and Dad.  It was a great low-key evening, after a very fun afternoon with family.  Scott and I even made it 50% of the way through a movie after everyone was in least we know better than to pay for movies since we often don't finish them!

Last week, there was an amazing sunset...I saw several people on the side of the road taking pictures - it was that pretty.  I'm bummed that this didn't capture the colors well, but it took my breath away.

Today should be fun...I'm going to check out a new country/antique decor store in town, and am hoping that Mom can accompany me.  Ava and I noticed the store a few weeks ago after dropping G off at daycare, and it looks like there could be some cute home decor inside.  Plus, they offer DIY nights, so I'm interested in seeing what the next project is!

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