Sunday, August 2, 2015

Oh Canada!

The rest of my time in Montreal was wonderful!  Em and I did the hop-on/hop-off tour a few times, ventured into Old Montreal, into the Plateau, shopping, eating, napping, and overall relaxing.  However, we averaged walking about 5 miles a day, which explains why we were both so tired at the end of the night.  There were only a few nights that we were up super late...and the best thing is that we could sleep in the next day!

It was a great trip, and gave me a chance to get refreshed and ready to get back to real life!

Flying in style...first class!

The airport was oddly empty, and we walked the empty halls for at least 15 minutes before getting to Immigration...

The view of downtown Montreal from the amazing terrace outside our hotel room...shared by only one other room in the entire hotel!

 St. James United Church

My clients were everywhere in Montreal...#1

 Musee McCord...and their outdoor park in the city

 The Batman building!

Montreal hosted the 1976 Summer Olympics - what a GOOD year that was!! ;)

Fun Fact: when you see a sign of Canada with the flag over the last "a", it means it's a government building

A tribute for FIFA...and a ball made out of flowers!

Palais des congres de pretty!!

The Holiday Inn in Chinatown

The Village...didn't get a chance to check it out much, but it looked like there was a lot of great shopping and dining.

Client #2

Loved this...

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts hosted a Chihuly glass exhibit a few years ago...when it was over, the city purchased this piece to display permanently, for $1,000,000.  Amazing!

Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mount Royal

At the top of the mountain...what a great view!

The Royal Victoria Hospital...the patients and staff were moved to a different hospital earlier this year, but this building remains a historic landmark, built in 1893 by Scottish immigrants.

An evening thunderstorm over downtown...the lightning was flashing like mad!

Down by the Saint Lawrence Seaway...

We stopped for a delish lunch in Old Montreal

Just a few signs to warn of us construction...

More artwork with flowers...

A nice place to cool off...

Wandering through Chinatown

Client #3

We had dinner at a fantastic Italian restaurant right by our hotel...La Medusa

There were sculptures like this all over the city...this was my favorite: "Tenderness"

Walking back from the Plateau (another neighborhood in Montreal)...we took a break in a neighborhood park.

Our last night in Montreal was a peaceful one...gorgeous weather.  We stayed on the deck for many hours, reading, talking, and even watching a movie until it was time to go to bed.

Lo and behold, client #4 was located at the airport.  Seemed like a good way to get a picture of this one...

We went through US Customs and Immigrations while we were still IN Canada.  That was a first for both of made it super easy when we re-entered the country in Detroit.  We didn't have to go through it again, so re-entry was painless!

While we ate lunch at the Detroit airport, this big guy was getting serviced to head out.  We checked out the gate after lunch, and this 747 was taking a full load to Seoul.

And now it's back to reality!  I took Friday off and had a list of things I was going to do, but unexpectedly, G didn't have daycare, so...he and I spent the day together.  We went swimming in the afternoon, and while he wasn't 100% sure about the water, by the end, he seemed to enjoy feeling it on his back and front.

Yesterday, once Scott was done working, we all headed to the MN Zoo and spent a few hours there checking out the animals.  After that, we came home, chatted with the neighbors (baby is due on Thursday, so lots of excitement!) and grilled out for dinner.  We were all so exhausted, we were sleeping by 9:30.  All of us!

Today looks like it's going to be lovely, so I think Ava and I are going to head to the pool after's been a fantastic 10 days since I've been at work, might as well keep the trend up! :)

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