Sunday, August 30, 2015

100,000 Steps

This has been a week full of steps.  Not metaphorically, but literally.  I managed to walk over 101,000 steps starting on Monday, and ending on Friday.  We've been having weekly challenges at work to see who can get the most steps in, and I won this week (I used my workplace treadmills every day!)  The challenge pushed me to walk more...and my average this week was around 8.75 miles per day.  I love my FitBit Flex - it's helping me to reach my goals of walking more, sleeping more, and drinking more water.  All good things!

Added on top of the weekly steps, I thought I'd throw in some massive step-taking yesterday...I participated in the Women Rock 5K with my friend Amy, and then Scott and I went to the State Fair last night.  My feet are pooped!

The weather was perfect this year for the was in the mid-60's, and overcast.  We didn't overheat, and we didn't have to squint into the sun.  Couldn't have asked for better conditions!  Afterwards, we enjoyed some snacks and champagne, and sitting on a bench to rest our weary legs...

Ready to go!

5K finishers!

Once I got home, Ava and I ran (not literally - that would be too much) to the library and turned in her final reading log of the summer.  She did it!  She completed three separate reading logs, and only has a few books left in her favorite Junie B series.  This girl is set for school!  She had her literacy assessment on Wednesday night, and we had a chance to meet her new teacher.  I think I'm going to like her - she seems sharp.  One of the neighborhood kids told me she is strict (good, Ava needs someone who will keep her in line, and will keep her focused when she gets bored and decides to talk and talk and talk...)  And one of the neighborhood moms told me she has a great sense of humor.  Even better! 

Ava had a great week in Summer Power at the Community Center.  She heads there for one more week, and then it's back to school!  Each school at the Community Center has a specific color of shirt they have to wear.  I decided that Ava's school lucked out with the dark purple...after alternating two shirts for five days straight, it's amazing how much dirt that dark color can hide!

Purple shirt and short hair - that's our little 2nd grader!

G had a rough week with his pinkeye, and a tummy bug he picked up.  He had some pretty big blowouts this week, resulting in many messes.  He got to take a shower at 9:30pm on Friday, as his overnight diaper couldn't contain the latest mess.  Ugh.  At least both Scott and I were home to tackle the clean-up.  And then Darla managed to escape from our deck, so she was wandering the 'hood at night.  I managed to track her down in our backyard just a short while later...nice try, puppy!  Thank goodness she still had her collar on...the jingling of her tags is what led me to her!  It was an exciting Friday night...

Back to G...Friday was the first day that I dropped him off and he didn't cry when I handed him over to Miss Megan.  I took that as a really good sign, and disappeared quickly out of his line of sight.  It's always hard to make a change, but I'm still 100% convinced that moving him to a center was the right thing for our family. 

Ava and G have been at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house since yesterday afternoon, so Scott and I headed out to the MN State Fair.  It was fun and yummy, and an all-around good time.  I tried the Not Your Father's Root Beer, and love it!  We only tried one other new food this year (stuffed mushroom caps) and then made sure to track down all of our standard ones (cheese curds, pickle dog, pronto pup, turkey sandwich, and Hawaiian shaved ice.)  We looked at boats, walked a ton, did some shopping at the Grandstand, and ended the night with a skyride, and a tiny piece of the Carrie Underwood concert. 

On the bus to the Fair!

So good

Perfect night for a ride in the sky...

Grandstand - Carrie Underwood

We took the Express Bus this year so we didn't have to deal with traffic and parking...that is totally the way to go!  It was standing room only on the ride back, but a nice mom pulled her small child on to her lap so I could sit down...that was very much appreciated as my feet were tired!

It's been a great last few weeks of summer...and now my mind is already turning to pumpkins, apple orchards, vineyard tours, and upcoming family visits.  We're ready for the fall!

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