Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Streets Better Watch Out!

We now have a 1st grade graduate!  Friday was the last day of school for the year, and Ava started it off with a bang.  And a puke. Or two.  She ended up being fine, but we were concerned that she wasn't going to be able to take place in the "last day of school" festivities.  And once again, I am thankful that I purchased a little carpet has come in handy so many times over the years!

This coming week, Ava starts her Summer Power adventures, which include swimming lessons at the Y during the day.  I am so thankful that they offered that as an option, as I wasn't sure when we were going to fit that into our nighttime activities.  Plus, I signed G and I up for a lottery to enter a toddler and me if that actually happens, and we get in, at least we won't have to work around a swimming lesson schedule, or any other of the fun things that we are going to do!

Pretty excited to be a graduate of first grade!

We thought it would be fun to get the kids some wheels of their own so they stop asking us to chaperon them around town. ;)  Scott found these fun toys online, and when I came home on Friday, there were already miles being clocked!  Ava had a bit of a hard time figuring out the steering, and the braking, and the looking-where-she's-driving thing, but she'll get it eventually.  Last night, Scott took off the lock so now she can use it in the high-speed gear.  Watch out, streets, there's a new driver...and you can't miss her in this bright pink car!

G loves this little Thomas train, even though it just goes in circles.  Once he gets the hang of it, we can take it off of the track, and he'll be able to chase his big sister all over the place!

The weather has started to get a bit warmer, and the kids were having a blast running through the sprinklers on Friday night.  Ava keeps asking when we can go to the pool, but last I heard, it's still being heated, so....I think we'll wait a bit to make sure it's a good temp before bringing the kids in.

The next phase of Operation Deck is that my parents are back, Scott's got an extra hand to help put up the remaining posts, and railings for the stairs.  It's been amazing to be able to sit outside and enjoy the weather...and it'll be even better when I don't need to worry about someone falling off the stairs!  Well, I guess that can still happen, but at least we can contain the direction that they fall...

We've got a prime rib cooking, an intense game of Candyland underway (the rules keep changing, dictated by an almost 7-year old...I actually just heard her say "There are no more rules, but YOU have to follow the rules, Grandma) and drinks are ready to be poured.  I worked for several hours yesterday, and was at work this morning, so am excited to finally have a chance to relax with my family.  These days/hours are just flying by!

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