Sunday, March 29, 2015

Good Times...Right?

Ava had spring break this week, and while we didn't go anywhere exciting as a family, she had a ton of fun each day at SAC.  We loved hearing about all of the fun things that she did during her daily adventures.  Needless to say, I think she had more fun that anyone else did this past week!
  • Monday: arcade/mini golf/bumper cars/batting cages
  • Tuesday: bowling
  • Wednesday: gymnastics
  • Thursday: Good Times Park (indoor playground)
  • Friday: Como Zoo (the highlight for Ava was seeing a spider monkey and a zebra both pee...sigh)
Even with all of that fun, she is excited to get back to school tomorrow and have her computer class, along with library, music, PE, etc. I'm just excited not to have to pack her a lunch each day.  That's one of those things where it takes less than 10 minutes, but I dread doing it.  Thank goodness for hot lunch at school!

I'm not sure if this is a sad giraffe, or a really angry one...
 Actually, the more I look at it, the more I think she's trying to give the death stare. Yikes.

In the meantime, G was off biting a little girl at daycare this week.  Fun for him probably, but not so much fun for the little one who has a bruised arm.  Ugh.  Her mom is a teacher, so she understands the whole biting thing, but I feel horrible!  I did poke around his mouth a little bit yesterday, and both of his first molars are popping through on the top, so I'm sure that's part of what's causing the biting. Plus, he's been trying to put his entire fist in his mouth to chew on it so I'm thinking that they are bothering him quite a bit.

Oh!  Scott did have an exciting part to his week.  He's been wanting a popcorn machine forever (like, seriously, forever) and he finally bought one.  It was delivered on Friday, and he and Ava enjoyed some really tasty popcorn on Friday night.  My only concern was that we find a permanent home for it outside of the, it will be a great addition to our family room/bar in the basement (once it's finished.)  Yay!

Now, it's time to make some coffee, breakfast, and spend some time with the fam!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

For the Love of a Vacuum

The kids and I had a great day yesterday (Scott was working on a big project.)  Ava finished up her homework (Spring Break is this coming week, so now she'll have 9 homework-free days), painted several pictures for people, and was a very good helper with G for me. 

G is exploring more ways to get into trouble in the house, and really likes discovering what we keep in our lower kitchen cabinets.  He doesn't seem to listen to "no" quite as well as Ava did...rather, he listens, looks at me while I'm saying it, and then just keeps on doing whatever he shouldn't be doing...all while smiling.  Stinker.  It's a good thing he's so cute!!

Last night, we helped Grandma Deb celebrate her 60th birthday....there was lots of great food, gag gifts, and friends to help enjoy the evening! Happy Birthday, Mom/Grandma/Deb - we love you!

Ava looked like a minion in these joke glasses!

If there's one thing that Ava has been frightened of since, well, forever, it's the vacuum.  I'm not sure what triggered that fear, but she is convinced that it's going to suck her up, or something.  Whenever we would go to a new house, one of her first questions would be, "Where's your vacuum?"  Even now, she freaks out when I bring it out, and wants to know exactly where I'll be using it.

So, this morning, imagine my surprise when I find Garrett inspecting the vacuum, and then he gave it a hug!  After I got over my initial, "Yuck, that vacuum is dirty and he's hugging it!!" I had to laugh.  Ava hates it, and apparently G thinks it's a new friend.  Guess I know who'll be helping me with vacuuming in the future!  And Ava can help me dust.  Although, she doesn't like doing chores, but too bad!  (She's reading this as I'm typing...see, Ava!  You will do chores!)  (Ah, she spanked me - help!)

I'm taking Ava to see Cinderella this afternoon.  We're both pretty excited to see it, and have a mommy-daughter experience.  "looking forward to Popcorn"...that is Ava's contribution to this post, she typed it, so it must be true!  Plus, it looks a little dreary outside, so it'll be a good way to spend an afternoon inside, as well as the day with my favorite daughter!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Leprechauns and Monsters

We've had a great weekend so far...very busy and full of fun events.  Ava and G spent the night at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house on Friday night, so Scott and I took advantage of a kid-free night and went on a date!  We finally saw Kingsman (loved it, but caused me to have violent dreams that night) and then stopped at a local bar on the way home.

The bar had some drunk people at it (surprise!) who were super loud (surprise again!!) so we only stayed for about an hour or so.  We were also tired from the work week (surprise x 3!) but it was nice to kick back and relax before heading home and going to bed.  I don't recall the last time I was actually in bed (and not on the couch) by 11pm on a Friday night.  But, we both woke up rested yesterday morning, and ready to face the day.

Scott worked all day yesterday, and I had plans to meet up with some friends to partake in the Everybody's Irish 5K around Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis.  Either the 5Ks are getting shorter, or the distance just isn't a big deal anymore, because the trek around the lake seemed to fly by.  Granted, it was a gorgeous day, so it was a blessing to be able to spend it outside, with friends, catching up on things.  We've already got a few more 5Ks lined up that we're planning on doing in 2015!

Jess - Dee - Amy E - Amy S

After the race, I headed to McD to get a Shamrock was SO good.  Gotta get one while it's here!  And then I might have bought a Happy Meal for lunch. ;)  I then went and picked up Ava and G, and had a chance to visit with Deb and Whitey for a bit, and enjoy the sun a bit more, while sitting out on their deck.

G was super tired, and kept trying to take a nap while on the deck, so once he got home, he went down for a nap.  Kinda.  His newest thing it to pull out all of the books on the shelf closest to him, and make a library in his crib.  Last night I got smart, and didn't put the books back on the shelf, but on the floor instead.  No sooner than I put him in his crib, his little hand was trying to reach around and find the books, but alas, there were none there!  I gave him a monkey and an alien to hold instead, and those seemed to suffice.  Books don't make good cuddle buddies!

Someone found the inside of his nose.  Yay.

Ava had a really cool Monster High themed birthday party to go to yesterday, so I dropped her off, while G was finishing up the longest nap ever (Scott had to stop working for 20 minutes to come home, while I was gone.)  As soon as we walked through the door, a few of Ava's classmates gave her huge hugs (and I heard her say to herself, "Why do they do that?"  I get it, as I felt the same way about hugs when I was younger, too.)  Ava got to pick out a decorated pink tee, a cute button, and then we signed her into Ghoul School, and away she went to partay! 

I came home and worked on Scott's business, chances are good that Ava had more fun than I did, but that's ok.  I was productive!  When I picked her up, instead of a houseful of little girls, there were a bunch of little monsters!  Spectra (from MH) paid them all a visit and made them look absolutely ghoulish!  They had their faces painted, and their claws done.  And Ava won the dance contest (yay) but then forgot her prize at their house (boo.)  I'm just super thrilled that they all had such a good time, and am now starting to think about what we could do for Ava's 7th birthday in June.  I'm leaning towards renting the clubhouse and pool in our neighborhood, but man, I don't want to be responsible for kids in the water!

Today should be a great day around the house...Scott's grocery shopping right now, and I've got a Mary Kay party at the neighbor's house later this afternoon.  It doesn't look particularly sunny right now, so I'm glad we were able to get in some good outdoor time yesterday!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Repeat Friday

Remember a few weeks backs when I had planned a lovely day at home with just G, and then Ava decided to puke all over the parking lot at school because she was sick?  And then I got massively ill from that germ-infested child?  And Scott wouldn't come anywhere near us for 24-hours?  Remember that.  Yeah, it sucked.

So, Friday, just two days ago, we didn't have daycare as our provider's youngest son made it to state for wrestling (way to go!)  Scott took the day off of work, as he had a long list of things to accomplish, which wouldn't have been too difficult with a 16-month old in tow.  I was happily getting breakfast ready for Ava, thinking, "This is great!  It's so nice to have another adult in the house in the morning - I can have one morning free of changing a diaper!" 

And then it became not-so-great... I realized Ava was taking a bit too long washing her hands for breakfast.  I went to check on her and what did I find?  A pukey, sick little girl.  So, I ran upstairs to tell Scott that he now had both children for the day, and I high-tailed it out of the house as fast as I could.  But, not before Scott told me that he thought Ava was doing it for attention, since she knew G was going to be at home with him.  He was kidding.  I think.  She had some symptoms that would be hard to fake, so...probably real?

I felt super bad for Scott as he wasn't able to get anything done that he wanted to, and then I felt bad for Ava because she was sick.  And then I felt really really bad for G because he missed out on a Dada-G day.  But the whole time, I was feeling really good that I was 20 miles away, not being exposed to all of the germs. :)  I'm telling you, that Friday night a few weeks ago was horrendous.

Ava was fine, and she didn't get sick again during the day, but she barely ate anything.  She was also really sad that she missed out on School Store on Friday.  She was ready to buy some popsicle-shaped erasers and other things that she didn't know that she needed, but HAD to have.

Scott was heading out of town on Friday night, so I made it home at a respectable time, and he took off as fast as I did in the morning.  (He's up north, hanging out with his best friend and his family...they had a great time yesterday ice fishing, and even the kids caught a bunch of fish!)  We'll be happy to have him home this morning!

Yesterday was okay...Ava got sick in a different way, complained of a headache and being dizzy, and then looked a little woozy.  I took her temp, and gave her a dose of ibuprofen around noon.  And once she got food in her (and managed to keep it down/in) she's been doing much better.  No temp, no headache, and definitely back to her sassy self.  She and I watched a movie last night, and enjoyed some good bonding time.  Although, she met me this morning as I was letting the dogs out and told me she had been up since 4am.  She is such a morning person, which is a great thing (she comes from two of 'em) but when all you want is silence, and there's a 6 year old, chattering loudly non-stop,'s enough to "banish" her to the other room to watch Netflix on her tablet.  It's quiet now, don't judge me.

G hasn't been sick, but he's been cranky.  He went to bed at 7 last night because he just couldn't sit still and wasn't satisfied, no matter what we did.  He didn't nap the greatest yesterday, plus with the time change, I figured it was ok to try to squeeze in an extra hour of sleep for him.  He's been so cute this week, adding new words to his vocabulary...I'm pretty sure he's now trying to say "Darla" and he loves following her around, putting his head on her like she's a pillow, and trying to pet her nicely.  Darla takes it so well...she's such a great dog.  G's made a few attempts with Lucky, but most likely senses that she's not super crazy about kids.  Ball, Dada, Mama, hi, bye, and "I did it!" are the forerunners in his word selection on a regular basis.  He also learned how to kiss on Friday night.  He either puckers up and waits for you to come to him, or he opens his mouth wide and leans it like he's trying to eat your face off.  Either way, he ends it with a big ol' smooch and a "mwwaaaaah!"  It's super, super cute, regardless of which method he chooses.

It's a lovely 34 degrees right now, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and Ava is STILL being quiet.  Seems like a great start to a Sunday! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2015

No More Sickies

Well, we're all recovered and feeling good! There was no puking, coughing, sneezing, hacking, etc. this past week, so I count that as a massive success.  Instead, we had a lot of fun.

Ava and I went to the MOA last Sunday so she could attend a birthday party at American Girl.  We forgot Annie at home, but we still had time to run back home and bring our favorite AG doll with us.  Annie and Ava had a fun time at the party...there were appetizers and entrees to choose from, a fabulous dessert, and all sorts of shenanigans for the girls and dolls to get into.  Actually, they were all really well-behaved, and I'm looking forward to going back to AG for the Mommy-daughter date that I promised Ava we would have this spring.

While Ava and Annie were off partying, I went to work.  Not nearly as much fun, but I got my desk cleaned off, and a ton of paperwork filed away.  Mostly because I have a new laptop bag, and I can't bring as much stuff home.  My back will thank me later.

When I went to pick Ava and Annie up, we decided to do a little, Annie got a new brush, plus some colorful hair extensions.  And THEN we decided to get her ears pierced.  The lady behind the counter told Ava to tell Annie to be brave.  Ava's response, "She's ALWAYS brave."  Yeah, you tell her, Ava!  In any case, Annie survived and now has large holes in her ears/head, and 7 new pairs of earrings.  Ava was quite fascinated about the studs going all the way into Annie's head.

Poor Annie didn't get to have any cake and ice cream, but, at least she got a balloon!

Showing off Annie's new star earrings

Ava also started her "gifted" class this past week, so we learned that the other girl who is going with her is NOT the one who was getting Ava into trouble last month.  Whew.  Instead, it's the little girl (Elise) who said that Ava and the other little girl should just not play together, since they get in trouble whenever they do.  Seems like Elise IS pretty smart!  Ava will be going to Elise's birthday party in a few weeks, so I know Ava's excited to play with her some more.  Plus, it's going to be a Monster High themed party, so that makes it even more exciting.

Oh, they also learned about caves in her new class.  Clearly, I was more focused on the social aspect.

G has been learning some more the top of his list these days is "ball."  Which is good because any time he sees one, he HAS to have it.  He was freaking out about two little girls (at daycare) getting near him because he thought they wanted to take his ball.  I'm pretty sure they just wanted to say hi or play with him, but in his mind, they were all about stealing his ball.  I had forgotten what this toddler stage was like...

Yesterday, Ava was sitting on my lap, and G tried to get in between me and Ava.  Ava was very sweet and let him, and then tried to put her arms around him to give him a hug.  He wanted none of that.  He only wanted me to be touching him, and no one else.  Such a wonderful little momma's boy. :)

I only took this picture because he's wearing a onesie that reminded me of a shirt that my co-worker has.  This has happened on more than one occasion where G's outfits remind me of the guys that I work with.  Weird!

Last night, Scott and I had a date night...we went to Lift Bridge brewery in Stillwater, and enjoyed a flight (and some more) of their beers.  We also brought home a couple of growlers to share and enjoy later.  It was a fun, cozy experience...definitely well-organized and comfortable for the patrons.

After dinner, we went to the Dock Cafe (on the river in Stillwater) and enjoyed a nice, quiet dinner together.  We had talked about going out afterwards, but I fell asleep on the car ride home, so Scott thought it was best if we just stayed in for the night.  I think I'm finally caught up on my sleep, so I can't complain there!  We have another date planned for a few weeks from now, and that one will include a stop at a bar on the way home.  Better get some naps in before we go out on that one. :)

I'm heading out for lunch and a movie with a friend this afternoon, and Scott's going to make a wonderful turkey dinner for the family this evening.  I love how these weekends have been playing out lately...lots of fun, and good times with friends and family!