Sunday, February 22, 2015

3 out of 4

3 out of 4 isn't usually a bad thing, when it comes to playing to win, right?  75% isn't super awesome if it's a test score.  And it's really, really not fabulous when it comes to the number of family members who have been sick with a stomach bug in the last five days.

On Tuesday night, I was in the family room, working on something, and heard G cough a little bit, and then he cried for a few seconds, and went back to sleep.  No biggie, he does that.  But when I headed up stairs to go to bed, and I noticed there was an...odor to the air.  I went right to his room and realized he had vomited EVERYWHERE.  In his crib, on the floor, in his hair, all over his pjs.  Ugh.  So, Scott and I cleaned up the mess (thank goodness for washing machines) and got everyone settled back into bed. 

G did that a few weeks ago when he had a certain brand of ravioli, and that's exactly what he had for dinner on Tuesday night, so we figured it didn't settle well with him.  I took him to daycare and gave a warning about the previous evening.  Unfortunately, G was doing a walk through the kitchen there, projectile vomited, and then kept on walking.  Didn't phase him!  He was fine the rest of the day (and has been since then.)  Just a quick 12-hour bug...and glad it was gone...

Until Friday morning when I took Ava to school, and before I knew it, she was puking in the parking lot. How do you clean up that mess when there are a ton of parents and kids around?  Turns out, you can't...and I felt so bad for leaving the mess, but we got in the car, and took off.  I had the day off so she hung out with me and G on Friday, although I made sure to keep the two of them separated, as I didn't need two puking machines in the house.  The nice thing is that when Ava throws up, she's very tidy about it, and keeps her hair and clothes out of the mess.  And then she was more throwing up that day, and she was better by dinner, just in time to eat...

...and just in time to pass it to me.  I should have kept myself further removed, as I then got sick on Friday night.  Apparently I'm a dramatic thrower-upper, and I'm pretty sure Ava thought I was dying during the process.  Scott took care of everyone that night, yet made sure not to come within 50' of either Ava or me.  And so far, so good...Scott's not sick yet!

The big bummer is that we missed out on going to the Raptor Center (at the U in St Paul) with some friends on Saturday afternoon, so we'll have to reschedule that.  We did have a nice dinner out as a family last night, and today holds a trip to the American Girl Bistro in the MOA for a birthday party for one of Ava's classmates.  Should be fun!

Scott and Ava were playing in her room earlier this week, and he had a good time doing her hair.  Yikes! :)

I chaperoned the first-grade trip to the Children's Theater this past Tuesday.  It was chaotic and fun, and made me realize for the 4 millionth time that I could never, ever be a teacher.  They are saints!

Waiting patiently for the play to start...

Ava's 1st grade class

It's me...on a school bus!

It's Ava...on the same bus!

We were also busy getting ready to celebrate the 101st day of school...which Ava then missed because she was sick. :(  But, at least we got her project into school the day before, so they could use it.  Counting out 101 grains of rice IS as tedious as it sounds!  Each child had to bring in 101 items of something...of course Ava said dalmatians, and I said no.  So I went for something small and compact...and rice was the winner!  Sure doesn't look like much, does it?

Lots of time at home meant lots of time with the kids (Scott was working) so in that sense, it's been a great weekend!

I'm holding out hope that he's a well-coordinated, athletic little guy.

Reading to Annie...ok, ok, this was a posed pic for a school project, and we figured that Annie would sit still better than G!

It's been a bit chilly lately.  Currently, it's -7, with a windchill of -28.  Yep, just a little chilly.  Brrrrrr!  So, it's been a welcome relief to watch my bulb garden bloom this week, and it helps keep in mind that spring isn't too far away.  The bulb garden contains crocus, hyacinth, and tulips, and man, it is fragrant!  They will make a lovely addition to our landscaping in the years to come!

Here's to staying warm on this wintry day!!

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