Sunday, December 21, 2014

Secret Santa

One of the many fun things about this season is that my team does a Secret Santa for those people who want to participate.  It's a fun, easy thing to do, and is a definite day brightener!  My Secret Santa did awesome this year...I was having a very rough day on Wednesday, and when I came back from a client meeting, I had 3 bottles of booze and a box of my favorite crackers waiting for me!  At that point, I knew it had to be someone who sits by me, as another coworker and I also talk about how we just can't get enough of these crackers.

She (yes, now I know who it is) really did well...Christmas decor, chocolate, candles, liquor and crackers, and then on Friday, she had put together a mini garden for me in a glass bowl.  These are a few of my favorite things!  Turns out my SS was a developer who sits right across the wall from me...she hears my rough days, she hears my good/bad conversations, and she definitely hears me crunching on crackers throughout the day.  A big thanks to Rachel for making my days this week a little bit more merry and bright!

We've made it through the 2014 Christmas "checklist"...all gifts (even the last minute ones) are wrapped, all packages have been mailed, Christmas cards are stuffed and ready to be mailed (wish they had been done last week, but oh well), Christmas light looking is done (finished that last night after a dinner out with the family) and we finally made it to see Santa. 

In order to make that happen, I told my directors that I was leaving on time on Wednesday night, no matter what was happening at work...I had a commitment to my family that I intended to keep.  I made it home at a decent time, and we were off to visit Santa!  The line wasn't as long as last year, but sheesh, who knew there would be so many people waiting to see Santa on a Wednesday night!?

Patiently waiting in line...taking an "elfie selfie"!

They did great - no tears, only smiles!

Garrett was a super lucky little boy as Santa also made a stop at his daycare on Thursday...and again, he did tears, just smiles!  I love how this little guy is so easy-going!

This coming week is going to be a whirlwind...Scott and I both work on Monday, and then on Tuesday, we catch a flight and head off to Colorado to spend the holiday with my parents.  Hoping for great weather, good food, and wonderful memories!

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