Sunday, December 7, 2014

Light Fight...or not!

We are so freakin' busy...with everything!  I read a really interesting article this week about not to let this time of year get overwhelming...with the holidays, mostly, which is certainly a busy time, but when you add everything else on top of it (work, family, etc.) it can be a bit crazy.  And this is supposed to be a fun time, so we have to make sure that we remember that!  Work is absolutely insane right now, so I'm trying really hard to try to make sure that I enjoy all of the non-work stuff, too!

We've been doing really well making sure that George (the elf) is making his nightly trips to see Santa, and then having Ava find his new landing place in the morning.  We've got a fun chocolate-house building session all lined up for next weekend...and we even made fudge yesterday.  I managed to slice my palm on aluminum foil yesterday while prepping for fudge (and it bled for at least an hour) so now I think Ava is terrified (or intrigued?) by the powers of foil, when it looks so harmless. :)  As we were making fudge, I kept reminding her not to touch the hot pot, and Scott finally told her that there are some things she just needs to learn for herself.  (And, no, she didn't burn herself...but there were a few close calls yesterday.)

Scott hung up some Christmas lights last night, and then we watched some "Light Fight" tv show where people compete for the best outdoor Christmas decorations, and our basic outside decor looked really, really simple...and we're okay with that.  With everything that we had going on at this time last year (new house, new baby) we didn't decorate outside at all, so I'm happy that we even have anything lit up (outside) at all this year.  We already have plans on how/where to increase the lights on the house in the coming years!

I've managed to get quite a few of our gifts purchased/created, and have a very good idea of the rest of the items we need to pick up, so it feels good that it's only December 7, and we're this far along.  I remember a few years ago, that we were shopping for gifts just a few days before Christmas, and it felt like we were really late that year.  This year is different - and it feels wonderful!

I picked up G's one year pics a few weeks ago, and I think they turned out great - even though he was having a mini-meltdown with how long everything took during the photo shoot.  He's such a handsome little guy - you can tell that he and Ava are related, but they definitely have different features.  Love this little guy SO much!!!

So, with that said, this is going to be a really short post this week, as there are one million things left to do today, and only a few short hours to do them in.  Wishing you a happy (and productive) Sunday and start to the new week!

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