Sunday, November 30, 2014

Two Vacuums

Our two dogs are always around.  And I'm not saying that to be's just that they are always underfoot, especially when there is food in the vicinity.  I know we've got limited time with Darla (she's 13.5 years old) and Lucky has hit the 10-year mark, so I try to appreciate everyday with them.  Even when they create walking hazards when trying to get somewhere in our house.

But, one of the things that I love most about them (after the unconditional love and snuggles) is the fact that they are each a personal vacuum.  G is now self-feeding, which means half of it ends up in his mouth, and half ends up anywhere else.  Lucky can usually be found sitting at the base of his highchair, and as soon as we pull him out of the chair, her nose is on the seat, inhaling anything she can find.  Darla's not quite as quick anymore, but she can still vacuum up the crumbs that fall right in front of her nose.  I take this cleaning service for granted, but really notice it when we're somewhere that doesn't have it means that I have to clean up the mess!

So, that's just one of many things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend.

We've had a really great weekend...lots of time with family over the last several days, plus we were super productive around the house!  We spent Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house, and the meal was wonderful.  It was a nice, drama-free day, and a very pleasant way to spend the holiday. My parents also came along, so it was extra special to be able to spend the day with ALL of our family!

I didn't partake in any of the Black Friday shopping, although, I did purchase a few things online to take advantage of some great deals.  And I wrapped our first Christmas presents, which was good because our tree was looking a little lonely!  We set up our tree on Thursday night, and noticed a few of the light strands weren't working.  It also looked a little short - our ceilings are higher here than they were in our last house.  So, while Scott and my dad were out shopping on Friday (yes, that's right, they went shopping, but I did not...but more on that later) we ended up with a new tree.  And it's beautiful!  Ava, my mom, and I decorated it (and the house) on Friday afternoon, so we've been able to enjoy the lights/sounds/smells of Christmas over this long weekend.

Our tree has the option for either multi-colored lights, or white the variety! 


Look who's back...George!  And this year, he enjoyed some wine.

We also took pictures for our Christmas card - both kids behaved really well, considering that it was close to bedtime.  My favorite pictures are where G is looking up at Ava with a big smile on his face.  There is so much joy with these two children!

G's just hanging around...

Now, why did my husband and my dad decide to so shopping on one of the busiest days of the year?  To pick up sheet rock and more doors for our basement!  They worked for a good portion of the weekend, framing in the bathroom and stairway door, as well as hanging sheet rock in the hallway and ceiling.  It looks amazing!  This will be an ongoing winter project for Scott, for sure, but I know he sincerely appreciates all of the help that my dad provides to him.  It's fun seeing this come together!

We also decided to check out the Rosemount VFW and the $2 tacos on Saturday afternoon...they were yummy!!  It was a different experience than at the SSP VFW (it's huge and usually packed on Saturday afternoons) but we would definitely head back to the smaller Rosemount one, especially since it's so close to our house.

A baby in a bar!

My parents are leaving for home next week - we've really enjoyed their visit, and are looking forward to our upcoming trip to Colorado.  Scott and Ava haven't been there in over two years, and it's been about 1.5 years for me.  Can't wait to get some of that Colorado sunshine and bright skies!!!

Love this family (Scott, too...he was taking the picture!)

One last day of the weekend before heading back to work tomorrow...we're off to enjoy this Sunday!

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