Sunday, October 5, 2014

They were in the way!

Got a call from Ava's 1st grade teacher last week...usually when I get a call from the school, it means she's sick, and needs to be picked up.  But this call came in at 3:45pm...after school was out.  Mrs. M told me that she noticed Ava looked a bit different, but didn't think too much about it.  (Note: she was laughing while telling me this story, so I figured whatever it was couldn't be too bad...)  She then proceeded to tell me that a little girl came up to her and informed her that Ava had cut her bangs over the trash.  When Mrs. M asked Ava why she did that, Ava responded with, "They were in the way, so I cut them off!"  And that's that!

Here are my thoughts:
  1. Right before school started, Ava and I talked about growing her bangs out.  I explained this meant they would be in the way until they were long enough to pull back with the rest of her hair.  She agreed.  But really, I don't think she did.
  2. Hey, she did it over the trash - at least she's tidy!  If she had left little bang-hairs everywhere, that would have been annoying.
  3. On the bright side, we had already had school pics taken.  On the potential dark side...we didn't know how the pictures were going to turn out.  (Now we do...see below!)
  4. Overall, she didn't too badly!  We'll need to take her somewhere to get them blended, or something, but now it just looks like she has some fringe.
  5. I really, really thought we had missed that stage...she has always been such a good kid.  Very rarely breaking things, never coloring on the walls, never destroying things that she shouldn't...including her hair...
  6. Oh well, it's just hair - it will grow back! :)
Looking pretty proud of herself...

We had a lovely weekend last week...but it seems that someone is ready for winter to get here!

1st grade picture - not too bad, so no retakes needed...whew! Although I did ask her why she was raising her eyebrows so much.  There wasn't really a response to that question...

Scott headed up north on Friday to try to get in some bow hunting.  I talked to him once he got up there, and he said it was snowing/raining (gross.)  When I talked to him last night he said he hadn't been out hunting, but he got his deer stand up, and they worked hard, cutting 4 cords of wood.  I didn't know exactly how much wood that was, but after some discussion, I realized it's a whole bunch!

While he was gone, I've had fun with the kids...movies, popcorn, playing, etc.  Grandma Karen and Grandpa Doug came over last night for a bit.  They will be leaving for Colorado this coming week, so we wanted to squeeze in another visit.  We'll also be getting together today, and Scott will be putting my dad to work, either working on the footings for the deck, or working on the retaining wall.  Mom and I will be going to the new nearby premium outlets to check things out!

Hanging out in his exersaucer...he's getting to be too big for it!

My handsome little man

Ava had so much fun with G's tunnel (although it was her tunnel to begin with!)


G did not want to go through, instead he went around it...

...and around...


I was woken up yesterday morning by Ava singing, quite loudly, "Good morning, good morning, good morning to Mommy!"  I suppose that's much better than being woken up due to screaming from a killer mosquito attacking her in her room.  Right?  Either way...I wanted to be sleeping. :)

G is getting his top two teeth, and he's been quite chatty lately.  His favorite word is "YEAH!"  with a heavy emphasis on the "eah" part.  The other day I'm pretty sure he said "hi" and of course there's my favorite "Mama-mama-mama..." He says that a lot when I'm changing his diaper.  I'm going to choose to think he's talking about me, and not the squishy surprises he leaves for us.

Right now, Ava and G are upstairs - one of them is talking and the other one is squealing...and I don't know which one is which!  Hopefully your Sunday is starting off a bit more quietly than mine. :)

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