Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lovely Leaves

Had to take a little break from blogging last week due to some unfortunate circumstances that took place on Sunday, but we're back on track now!

Ava had been asking about jumping in the leaves in our backyard (and now that we have sod, she totally can!)  Scott raked up the leaves last weekend, and she went to town.  Scott then mowed them all up, but when I look outside now, there are even more on the ground...and one of our cottonwood trees still has a ton of leaves on it that haven't dropped yet...more fun for Ava!  (And more mowing for Scott!)

This time of year is so pretty in Minnesota - love all of the vivid colors!

It was a super busy week...I had something going on every night after work Mon, Tues, and Wed, and by Thursday night, all I wanted to do was come home and stare at the wall.  Ava didn't have school on Thursday or Friday, so on Thursday we sent her off with the YMCA school release program...they went to an apple orchard, had donuts, apple cider, and explored the sunflower maze onsite.  She had a great time!  And then on Friday, both kids were home with me for the day.  We visited with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey for a bit on Friday afternoon, and then visited with some neighbors from the old 'hood for a few hours.  What a great way to kick off the weekend!

On Saturday the kids and I met up with Emilie and had fun at the new outlet mall in Eagan.  The kids did amazingly well until G decided it was time to go...right in the middle of Eddie Bauer.  So, we went!  Well, we made a stop at the cookie store (Ava) and the kettle corn place (Emilie) and THEN we headed out.  There is a restaurant in Rosemount that we had both wanted to try, and figured it was the perfect time to check it out.  The House of Curry was very yummy...although, Ava didn't care so much for it, but G had a great time eating some of my chicken curry and basmati rice.  And both Em and I thoroughly enjoyed our meals.  Plus, the service was good AND entertaining.  Overall, it was a great new food experience!

Did I mention I got a new camera?  I finally had a chance to play around with it - Ava's already tired of me taking pictures of her. :)

G looks a little concerned in this one...

We had quite the mani/pedi session yesterday morning - each finger/toe has a different color on it, with corresponding sparkles...

This little guy needs a haircut!

Being silly!

Really avoiding the camera...look at that hair!

Great pic of Ava and Emilie!

Should be a gorgeous day today - lots of sunshine and clear skies.  Happy Sunday!

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