Sunday, August 17, 2014

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp

On Monday Ava offered to come along with me to KC, so she could take notes for me at my client account review.  She was very insistent that I not leave without her, to the point of tears.  In fact, Scott had to come down and physically remove her, so I could get out the door.  This is not like Ava.

So, it didn't come as a shock when Scott called me to let me know that Ava wasn't feeling well, and had spiked a fever.  No wonder there were waterworks!  She was feeling better by Wednesday evening, just in time for her to go to her last swimming lesson on Thursday night.  She still has several areas that she needs to work on, so when we put her back into lessons, she'll need to go back into the same level.  And that's ok!  When we went to the pool yesterday, she was having fun swimming on her front and her back with the noodle - as long as we focus on the "fun" part, any practice should help her for future lessons!  I did tell her that this winter, I'd like to get her signed up for an ice skating class.  On to the next activity!

While Ava was splashing around with her noodle, I was occupied with getting G used to the water.  I dunked him (very briefly) a few times, so he could see what it was like to have his face submerged.  He had a grand time splashing, kicking, and getting his face wet!  One of the times I was playing with him, he had his mouth open in a really wide smile, and I just happened to notice two tiny little white dots on his lower gum.  I'm thinking that we have at least one tooth that is about ready to break through - hooray!  He has been a drooling machine lately, and he can't get enough of chewing on his fingers.  In a pre-celebration, I decided to pick up some baby food at the next level...stuff with chunks and other exciting things that he's going to have to use his little gums for.  Ahhh...such a small thing, but an exciting one!  I didn't get the chance to try to pry his mouth back open (rather, he didn't let me) so we'll need to keep an eye on things this week to see what happens!

This weekend has been really fun, but exhausting.  On Friday night, we had planned on a pool/dinner/bonfire with the neighbors.  We skipped the pool, and the bonfire, and ended up having a potluck dinner with 7 other families from the neighborhood...there were SO many people!  One of the people I had the chance to meet is a really sweet woman from Ethiopia...we had a great time chatting about kids, jobs, college (she also went to St Kate's), etc.  The more people I meet her, the happier I am to be here.  (And I was pretty happy about it to begin with!)

I ended up staying out on the neighbor's deck, chatting, until after 1am, so I was pretty pooped on Saturday.  Scott worked all day yesterday, so I took care of the kids (love having that pool) and got some stuff done around the house. Once he got home, I headed out to a co-worker's house for a summer party (Scott wanted a low-key night, and was happy to stay at home with the kids.)  We had fantastic food, great weather, and a really nice opportunity to meet and chat with some new people.  After that, Emilie and I headed back to her place, and we hung out until a little before 2am.  Another very late night - wonder how I'm going to survive today!

Later this morning, we have a baby shower for a new Baby Boy Goers (Scott's cousin is expecting), arriving this fall. Scott's family is hosting it as a brunch, right here in Rosemount, so I'm super excited for the location, as well as the yummy food.  And, of course, to see family! 

Not many pics this week, but Ava came back with some lovely facepainting from her trip to the Dakota County Fair last weekend.  You can't really tell in this picture, but it was very pretty and sparkly - she loved it, and had so much fun!

I picked up Garrett's 9-month photos on Friday - what a cutie!

I think it's time to feed the cute baby, and have an extra strong coffee.  I need to be in bed by 7pm tonight to make up for all of the lost sleep this weekend.  At least it was all fun!

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