Sunday, July 20, 2014

There's No Place Like Home...

...unless you should be at work/daycare.  Little G was pretty sick this week.  As soon as I walked into the office on Monday, I got a call from our daycare provider that he was running a temp (and no, he wasn't warm when I had dropped him off!)  We tried to send him back to daycare on Wednesday, but at the end of the day, he developed another fever.  So...out of 5 days this week, he was at daycare for 1 day.  Which means that we were splitting our schedules the rest of the week, making sure that he was taken care of.

On the bright side, he is doing MUCH better now - when we took him to the doctor, they told us he had a virus, so there's nothing we could really do for him.  On Wed night, his fever went away, and he was back to his happy self on Thursday and Friday (and we didn't have daycare on Friday, but at least he wasn't cranky.)

Ava had her last baton twirling class this week, and she didn't show any interest in being in the parade this weekend, so we didn't pursue that with her.  She's going to start her swimming lessons this coming week, so our nights are going to be spent at a pool for the next several week. At least we don't have to get in the pool with her!

We've had a pretty good weekend so far...library (twice!), Leprechaun Days parade, playing at a new park, How to Train Your Dragon 2 movie with Ava (G spent the night at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house), and today we're going to head to the zoo to meet up with Scott's sister and her kids, and later this afternoon, Ava has a bowling birthday party to head to.  And I made some really good progress on sorting out our office.  Feels really good to be productive - and busy!

One fun fact about the parade...when you sit near the beginning of the parade, it goes much faster, PLUS, everyone is eager to hand things out.  After all of the political groups went by (near the end), Jimmy Johns was next in line.  And they were throwing 3" sandwiches into the crowd!  I don't think I've ever moved that fast to get anything in a parade...and they threw one high enough up the hill that came right to me.  And it was goooood!

We gave Scott a "Craft Beer of the Month" club membership for his birthday earlier this month.  1st batch arrived last week!

Helping Grandpa Doug celebrate #65! Nice use of Ava's past birthday candles, right?

Full of smiles, and love for his puppy!

We sat right at the beginning of the Leprechaun Days parade...pretty good spot!

And then we enjoyed the view on our walk home from the parade.

It's hard to believe it's nearing the end of July.  The winter months seem to drag on, while the summer ones fly by.  At least we're doing what we can to make the most of these warm days!

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