Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not So Fishy

Ava started her twice weekly swimming lessons this past week, so the time has just flown by the last seven days.  When we walked into the lessons on Tuesday night, I wasn't really sure what to wasn't having 20 instructors, that's for sure!  I'm really impressed with how organized these swimming lessons are, especially with so many kids enrolled. 

Ava started out with a group of three other little girls.  Two of the girls proved that they could move on to the next level, so Ava and the other little girl were left with one instructor - pretty good for 45 minutes of swimming time!  Her instructor was very attentive, and even if she resisted doing something, he looked past any drama, and got her to do it anyway.  Hooray!  I'm not going to say she'll ever be a fish in the water, but as long as she learns the basics, then I'll be happy.

On Thursday night, Grandma Karen joined us, and after lessons we went to the Rosemount library and painted some tiles for the community mural.  Both nights were late nights for us, and we were all exhausted at the end of the day.

Friday night we met up with my parents and a group of neighbors at the Midsummer Faire carnival for Leprechaun Days.  The kids had so much fun with the rides, and then we totally pigged out on cheese curds, ice cream, corn dogs, etc.  The only bummer was that kids weren't allowed in the beer garden, so I didn't get to enjoy any adult beverages there, but that's ok.  We ended up heading up to Celts bar in Rosemount, and grabbed more food (WHAT?  How could be still be hungry?!) and I finally had a glass of wine.  G was SUCH a flirt - big smiles to the waitress and (lady) bartender, and he was chattering and squealing very loudly to them.  It was obvious he knew they were paying attention to him!

Riding the train with Sam, Charlie and Fletch

You would have thought this ride (the slowest ride EVER) was the best time in the world - they had a blast calling back and forth to each other!

Flirt alert!!

I've decided Ava's got friends that I don't know about...on Thursday night, as we were heading into swimming lessons, a little girl called out, "Hi Ava!" and we stopped to talk to her and her brother.  Ava wasn't able to tell us who she was, but this girl clearly knew her.  And then on Friday as we were walking to the carnival, a group of little boys called out to her from across the street...another big "Hi Ava!" with lots of waving and shouting.  Turns out our daycare provider was also there, and those were two of her boys.  Glad we were able to solve that mystery, at least!  When we saw them again at the rides, there was a big gathering around the stroller and G had a HUGE smile on his face...I'm thinking he likes being the center of attention, too!

Saturday was a pretty busy day with lots of stuff around the house, and then having my parents over for dinner.  We had invited some of our neighbors (Lisa and Pete) over to watch the fireworks for Leprechaun Days (you can see the show from our side of the street), and then the party quickly grew.  At one point, I counted 23 people in our driveway!  All were neighbors...+ my parents!  We had a bonfire, s'mores, other snacks, and a mission to finish a keg of cider!  We had to shift down a bit to our next door neighbor's driveway to see the fireworks show, and it didn't disappoint!  Even better was that we didn't have to fight traffic to leave any fireworks display - we just walked 20' home!  I think the last people left at 1:30am, so I think we're all going to be a bit tired today.  Except G...he was in bed at his normal time. :)

I'm dropping off G at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house this morning, and then we're heading to see "Shrek: The Musical" at one of the high schools in the area.  It's one of Ava's birthday presents for the year, and should be a good way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

This has been a pretty great weekend - lots of fun, good food, and great times with new friends!

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