Sunday, June 29, 2014

Birthday Celebration!

Last Sunday afternoon, we had Ava's birthday party with some of her little friends.  At the last minute, a few people weren't able to make it so she was pretty sad about that...but she had fun with those friends who were there!

We went to the Eagan Art House, which is a place that holds a variety of art classes, for both children and adults.  We decided on a "Frozen" theme, so the kids decorated crowns, made a watercolor and pastel castle picture, and molded Olaf (the snowman) out of some Magic Modeling compound.  We topped it off with cake and gifts...and another birthday party went into the books! :)

Excited to start the party!

Amy, the instructor, helping Luke and Lynkoln with their crowns

Trying to get un-sticky from the crown jewel application!

Isabel S and Ava making their Frozen castles

Luke and Lynkoln working hard on their castles

Isabel W painting her castle drawing

I took this pic of Amy helping Lynkoln with his Olaf snowman, and then realized that Luke was having a staring contest with his Olaf...funny!

Isabel W did a GREAT job with her Olaf!

Yum, yum - birthday cake time!  MUCH better than the watermelon cake, in my opinion...!

This has been a crazy week...we've had stuff planned every single night, so Saturday night was the first evening that we could hang out at home and not have to rush anywhere after our dinner out.  Felt good to take it easy...

Ava went to a new dentist on Monday morning, and she liked her so much, she wanted to schedule her next 6-month check up for Tuesday! Baton twirling was a success on Monday night, so I gave in and bought her a baton.  Turns out our neighbor twirled baton in high school, so I'm hoping she can show Ava some tricks.

Tuesday night I went with some friends to a painting event in downtown Minneapolis...2 ciders, and a few hours later, and I ended up with a painting that I like!  It makes me smile, so it'll go on our walls, somewhere...

On Wednesday, I took the day off of work and my friend Emilie and I went to a four-hour furniture painting workshop.  I painted some shadow boxes for Ava, and Em painted a crate to use in her living room.  We really liked the owners of the warehouse - they served us wine and cheese halfway through the event!  It was very fun, and I'd love to go back and do it again.

Thursday night was the last dinner with my parents for a while...they've headed back to Colorado for a bit.  But, before we know it, they'll be back!  They accomplished quite a bit in their three weeks here...their condo is now almost entirely furnished, including all of the kitchen items!  As my dad stated, the next visit is focused on "Technology Implementation."  :)

Friday was another day off of work (no daycare) and I had hoped to take G and Ava to the zoo, but the weather was acting funny, so instead we went to the library, and took care of some things around the house.  Then Grandma Deb picked them up around 1:30pm, and I was on my own for the afternoon!  Scott and I drove up to South St Paul after dinner, and joined the family for the Kaposia Days parade.  It was a perfect night for a parade, and everyone had a good time!  Both kids spent the night in SSP, so Scott and I took advantage of the kid-free time, and headed back to Rosemount and went to a local bar for a few drinks.  It was a great way to end a fun Friday!

On Saturday, I picked up G, but Ava wanted to spend one more night with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey, so he had us all to himself.  Lucky little guy!  Never fear, though, Big Sister Ava will be back soon enough! :)

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