Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fantastic Family Fun

What a beautiful Easter day!  In the morning we had fun coloring eggs, running an egg hunt throughout the house, and then discovering what the Easter Bunny left for Ava and G.  Later that day, we celebrated a low-key, relaxed dinner with Scott's mom's side of the family.  The weather was perfect (we spent all afternoon outside on the deck), the food was very good, and the company was easy-going.  It was the perfect way to wrap up a holiday weekend, and lead birthday week! :)


Scott's cousin, Ashley, playing with G

Ava ran everyone much energy!

A great pic of Grandma Deb and G!

I cannot believe how busy this past week was.  There was an incredible amount of things going on at many meetings, so much work, and definitely not enough time to get it all done.  I asked one of my co-workers on Thursday night, as I was packing up, "Is it bad if I'm leaving and I have no idea what's in my inbox?"  He just laughed and said, "Clearly, this hasn't happened much to you!"  As my mom reminded me...the work will be there tomorrow - so I left!

Monday was my birthday, and it was a beautiful, sunny day, filled with wishes from dear friends and family.  It always rains on my birthday, so the sunshine was an amazing treat. Ava and Scott (and I guess G, but he didn't sign the card ;) ) bought me a beautiful azalea plant, and I treated myself to a new necklace.  We had a yummy dinner, followed with cheesecake for dessert.  Simple stuff, but exactly how I wanted to celebrate the day.

My parents arrived on Tuesday, so throughout the week, we've had fun evenings with a LOT of food.  Scott is such a good cook - we are very fortunate!!  Yesterday was spent getting G's six (SIX??) month photos taken, shopping, working on stuff around the house, and then having an (adult-only) birthday dinner out to Porter Creek.  It was our second time there, and the food did not disappoint!  My dessert was the best I've had in a long time (yes, even more so than the cheesecake on Monday!)  It was a dark chocolate cake, with cherries and sugar, on creme anglaise.  There were no leftovers from that plate! :)

Right now, we've got a quiche in the oven, fresh fruit cut and ready, and are just waiting for my parents to arrive for brunch.  We're going to spend the day around home, getting other projects done (they are really good at making sure we stay on task and get things knocked off our to-do list.)  It's pretty stormy outside, so I can't think of a better way to spend this day!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Different Point of View

This week, I have a guest blogger.  He's got quite a bit to say, so I thought I'd let him take control for one post.  Say hello to my little friend...

Hi!  My name is Garrett, but you can call me G.  I'm going to be the big six-months in 9 days...and Mommy is finally letting me bang on this keyboard for a bit!  It's been a fun week...I keep trying to sleep on my belly,  but everyone keeps flipping me over to my back.  After a while, I give up, and just pop my thumb in my mouth, and go to sleep.  No biggie.

I love all of the attention I get when I am at daycare...Sheila's oldest son always comes right over to me when he gets home from school, and works with me to get me to sit up on my own.  Mommy tried too, the other day, but I just keep falling over on my face.  Oh well.

Mommy and Daddy keep talking about trying to feed me something called peas or green beans.  I guess I'll have to wait a few weeks to see which one they decide on.  Maybe that means that the rice cereal will come to a stop.  It's mushy.  It's blah.  And it's gross.  Yuck.

I like to eat my hands.  Mommy keeps sticking her fingers in my mouth, feeling around.  I don't know what she's doing, but I know that she bought some goopy stuff for my gums and keeps telling me she's going to use it one of these nights. The last time she stuck her finger in my mouth, I chomped down really hard on her fingers.  Haha! Mommy didn't think it was too funny, though.

I kept hearing something about my big sister having something green every day this week.  She gave Mommy and Daddy two thumbs up every day after school, so I guess that means something good happened there.  She's pretty nice to me.  She likes to hug me every morning, and she always wants to pick out my outfits.  Mommy told me that my big sister will be spending all of her days with me at Sheila's house this summer.  Any silence that I had during the days will now be gone...sigh.

I like to take baths!

Tummy time in my crib is the best!

A full belly makes me smile! Even when it's rice cereal...

Mommy and Ava put some seeds in these today...I wonder what will grow?

I'm a pretty happy little guy...Mommy, Daddy and Ava love to sing and talk to me.  I sleep all night long, and I just noticed these furry things that live with me.  I try to touch them, but when I do, someone always yells "Gentle!" at me.  Sometimes those furry things talk back to me, but they use funny words.

Mommy likes to say that it's allllll good...and she's right.  It is!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Advice to Our Children

It's interesting week.  Full of work, activities, school, daycare, etc...all good, and very busy, of course.  So, I wanted to take a bit of a different angle this week, and gather some words of advice for our two children...

To Ava: I hope that you grow to be a strong woman (since you're such a strong-willed girl, I don't think it's a far stretch that you will be a woman of strength.)  I pray that you stay true to your beliefs, and never let anyone mistreat you, or devalue your worth.  No matter who you may befriend, fall in love with, or work for, always be true to yourself.  Never be ashamed to make a change if you realize that you aren't being treated as you should.  I believe that if someone isn't giving you the respect that you deserve, you will have the strength to put your foot down, draw a line, or make a decision.  Respect yourself enough to remove those people who don't hold that same level of respect for you.  You are one of a kind, and worth more than you will ever know.

To Garrett: I hope that you grow to be a loyal and hard-working man, just like your father.  Your dad would do anything, for anyone...and I pray that you inherit that same sense of selflessness.  I want you to learn to treat every person you meet with respect, kindness, and an open mind.  Be especially kind to women and children, and never use your strength (physical, mental, or emotional) against them.  A true man is able to see when someone is hurting, and instead of causing any additional pain, will do what he can to help them.  Everyone is fighting some kind of battle, and can benefit from a strong person by their side.

To both: if anyone treats you as an option, do not make them a priority.  Life is simply too short to spend it with those who don't value you for the amazing people you are!

And yes, everything is perfectly fine!  Scott and Ava went up north for the weekend, so I've had some great one-on-one time with G this weekend.  I held him for several hours yesterday, soaking in all that adorable baby-ness, and innocence...and then once he went to bed, I treated myself to the Snow White and The Huntsman movie.  Looks like even when Ava isn't here, I still need a bit of a Disney princess fix.  Although, this movie was anything but light and fluffy!  But, kinda what I needed to see...this princess was strong and brave, just how I want my Ava to grow up!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


We had some unexpected time off of work this week...our daycare provider's 7-year old son got RSV, and that's really, REALLY bad news for little ones under the age of one.  To help protect our little guy, Scott ended up taking Thursday off of work, and I stayed home with G on Friday.  It's getting easier and easier NOT to check my work email when I have a day off.  I worked some really long days leading up to Friday, so I was happy to take a break at the end of this week.  Plus, it was an awesome bonus to get to spend another weekday with my little man!  And, I even had a chance to make a white chili for Friday's dinner - I've had this recipe for a while, and the snowy Friday at home was a wonderful opportunity to try it out.  We all was yummy!

Honestly, this week was a blur...we had great weather last Sunday, and then ended with a gross snowstorm on Thursday night.  At least the ground is warm enough that snow doesn't stick around like it was a few months ago.  Our south-facing driveway and front yard have very little snow left on them.  Just lots of dirt and mud.  We've been throwing around landscaping ideas for the front yard and decor for the porch.  We're getting excited to get outside and make things pretty.  For the back yard, we know we need to put in a multi-level retaining wall outside our service door, but this year, we're going to probably just put in sod throughout the yard.  We'd like to put in a garden at the back of the lot, and Scott had mentioned planting a few different kind of trees.  Plus a deck - we need to get a design made and priced out.

So many ideas...but one thing at a time, I guess!  We'll see what gets accomplished this year. :)

Each month, Ava has a goal of reading a set amount of books.  Every time she meets that goal, she gets a coupon for a personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut, so on Saturday night, we finally went and cashed one in.  After the long nights I had this week, it was great to eat as a family.  On our drive to dinner, Ava kept reading off the signs that we were passing.  I'm just so proud of her and well she's doing with reading!

On Sunday, we're planning a trip to the zoo to see the farm babies.  We're going to meet up with my friend Amy and her daughters Kelsi and should be a great time!  I think we're going to invest in a family membership to the zoo, so we can go for short trips this summer, whenever we have a chance.  We live only about 10 minutes away, so it seems like a wise investment.

Note:  We had a GREAT time at the zoo today!  The farm babies are so cute, and it was a great way for the three girls to burn off some excess energy.  And then we took them to Culver's where they ate enough sugar to replenish their energy tanks. :)  I also had the chance to see a friend who works at the zoo...I met Dawn when she and I were in the same Mommy & Me class, almost 6 years ago!  She works at the farm part out at the zoo, so it was really neat to run into her there.  It's been a long time since I've seen her!

Kelsi and Ava


Not quite tall enough...

Getting ready to watch Lola, the cow, be milked.  Reminded me :)

On the way home from the zoo, we stopped at the library where we (Ava and me) both got new library cards.  We're settling into our new home here...and I love it!  Ava told me that today was a wonderful day...and I have to agree.  It's been pretty great so far!