Sunday, March 30, 2014

Green is Good...Really Good!

We had an anomaly this week...Ava got 5 green days in a row!  We've had fun each day coloring the appropriate earned color on her Barbie calendar, and it hit me that this month, she's had a majority of greens with a smattering of yellow.  So proud of her for keeping that non-stop mouth under control!  And for that, she's earned a trip to the Barbie Dreamhouse at the Mall of America.  I won't lie, I'm also looking forward to it. :)

We actually haven't seen her since yesterday.  Ha.  That makes it sound like our little 5 year old is off wandering the streets of Minneapolis, getting into some crazy hijinks.  In reality, she's been with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey since after school yesterday.  They picked her up and surprised her with a trip to the circus this afternoon.  We'll have to see what she thought of it!  We're also bringing G up to their house for an overnight adventure.  Scott and I are going to celebrate with one of my newly married co-workers.  I'm looking forward to some excellent Indian food tonight! (Editor's note from post-party: the food was fantastic, and it was heart-warming to see so many people at this celebration!)

Everyone's health improved this week.  G got over his crappy croup, Ava healed from her sickly strep.  Even Darla, who has had something funky with her left eye is on the mend (anytime an eyeball oozes blood, it's a tad concerning.)  Scott took her to the vet and they gave her some ointment - she's looking so much better, thank goodness.

I had a great day off of work on Friday.  G didn't have daycare so he and I hung out at home and got a ton of stuff done.  That never ending pile of paper on our counter seems to have an end!  It was a great feeling to get caught up with so many tedious projects.  Still lots to go, but we made progress.  I think I just need to set bite-sized goals for each week, and not be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of things.  Before we know it, spring will really be here, and we'll have lots of fun landscaping projects to work on.  Out with the muddy front yard, and in with the sod!  And flowers.  And garden (maybe just an herb garden this year...)

This made me giggle...G was tucked away against the wall, almost hiding in the curtains one night this week.  It seemed like a good way to be camouflaged from his inquisitive big sister...

 I didn't realize that dogs spoon...they LOVE soaking up the sun!  It is nice and warm in our guestroom from that huge window.

Scott and I are off to enjoy breakfast this morning, while it's still just the two of us...and then chaos (+ her brother) will return.  I missed that chaos, and can't wait to put my arms around it and give it (her) a squeeze!

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