Sunday, February 16, 2014

This is Real Life

When I take pics of Ava and Garrett, I usually end up taking 30 of them, and I'll be lucky if one or two turns out well, where both are looking at the camera, and maybe even with a grin or two.  We had a picture perfect moment yesterday, with Ava holding Garrett, while both were sitting on our bed.  By the time I ran back with the camera, the moment had deteriorated, but...let's capture the moment anyway!

I love Ava's big bored eyes in this one, like "Why won't he be quiet?  I'm trying to stuff a pacifier in his mouth!"

Ava says, "I have completely lost interest in holding Garrett, and would much rather watch SpongeBob..."

And, done.  Garrett is now closer to the unicorn's butt, than he is to his sister.  But, I think he has stopped crying.  Bonus!

We also located Ava's Bumbo chair and decided to see how Garrett liked a different view of the world.  We noticed he was starting to get a bald spot from lying down in his crib/swing/car seat so much. :)

I think he likes it!

We had a very nice Valentine's Day this past Friday.  We enjoyed a nice dinner at home, complete with chocolates, wine and flowers.  We ended up going out for dinner as a family on Thursday night, instead, and the restaurants were packed then, so I can only imagine how crazy they were on Friday night!

I also picked up G's three month photos this week...I think they turned out great!

Ava was sent home earlier this week with strep throat - we cannot catch a break in this house!  I think we might just have a full 5-day week coming up...for Ava.  Tomorrow is a make-up day at school - she was supposed to be off for President's Day, but due to all of the school closings in January, her district decided it was to be an instructional day.  Hooray!  G still doesn't have daycare, but that means that I will spend a nice, quiet day at home with him.  We'll have to squeeze in a few errands after we drop Ava off at school tomorrow morning, but am looking forward to some down time with the little guy.

Where do the weekends go?  It seems like they fly by, and before we know it, it's Sunday night, and we have to start the week all over again.  So much to do...and just not enough time...

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