Sunday, February 23, 2014

Just Another Winter Storm...

Last Monday was such a good day...I took the day off to take care of both Ava and Garrett, but Ava ended up having school (make up day) and at 9:30pm on Sunday, I got a text letting me know that daycare was open on Monday.  That meant I had a day all to myself at home, which never, EVER happens.  Instead of taking it easy, I was super productive and got a long list of things done.  And it felt great!  Fast forward to Friday...well, actually Thursday night.  We got hit with a massive winter storm.  My drive home from work wasn't horrible, but I had to run (slide?) to the grocery store after I made it to Rosemount, and WOW, that was a tricky ride home.  I swear, in the 20 minutes I was in the grocery store, the heavens opened up and dropped some really nasty, wet, heavy stuff that had been fluffy, white flakes just moments before.  When I finally made it home, I promptly got stuck in the driveway, and then in the street.  Poor Scott had to come outside to help me he also decided to snowblow at 9pm.  We were both a bit cranky once that ordeal was over.  At the same time, our neighbor was also snowblowing, and his vehicle ended up getting stuck, so it was a great time on our street!

We got the notice that school was cancelled at 5:30am, and then the daycare closed at 8:00am.  I watched a ton of cars get stuck in our neighborhood, so I stayed put.  Didn't go anywhere that day, not even outside!  I ended up taking it as a personal day (no working) but what a difference in a day that was from Monday.  I got absolutely nothing done!  Except for hanging out with Ava and G, so I think that's a pretty good thing, too.

Let's not forget that this then made for another non-five day school week for Ava.  We are currently on the 9th week in a row where she hasn't been in school for five consecutive days. I wonder if she'll be able to celebrate her birthday (June 18) with her classmates this year??

We decided to brave the roads yesterday (still bad) and headed up to the So St Paul VFW.  It was insanely packed - we had no idea that soccer registration was going on...we just wanted to eat some tacos and do the meat raffle.  (I did get my taco fix - YUM!) Scott then headed to downtown St Paul (Crashed Ice final night) while I braved the roads home in his truck.  Yup, his truck is way better than my car in the snow/ice.  My next vehicle may need to have 4WD!  The kids and I had a great night at home...movies, popcorn, bathtime and bed.  And then this mom got to chill out for a bit.  Perfect!

Hanging out...we love his Bumbo!

New stuff to look at - yay!

And apparently for Ava to play with, too...

The drifts are crazy in our backyard - almost over the fence!

Scott and Ava were having fun in the deep snow!


The sun is out, it's currently a balmy 0 degrees, and only Ava is up with me right now.  Hoping for a productive day today, so we can start the week off right.  Happy Sunday!

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