Sunday, February 9, 2014


Another week, another blink of an eye...and I only managed to take two pictures in the last seven days!  Poor G, at least I have a baby book started for him!

So, while schools were in session for five days this past week, Ava was only there for four of them.  She was sent home with a fever and a froggy voice on Tuesday morning.  Thank goodness for Grandpa Whitey who was able to watch her during the day, so Scott and I could stay at work.  Her fever stuck around for a very short amount of time and she went back to school on Wednesday.  She didn't have any red days at school this week, but did manage to talk so much at school that she didn't finish her school work AT school, and had to bring it home to finish it here.  It came with a nice little note from her teacher about how Ava needs to focus and STOP TALKING so much.  (Her note wasn't in caps - that's just my frustration coming through!)  I have a feeling it's just going to get worse...that girl is never quiet!

Ava just came home from an overnight with Grandma and Grandpa - she went to see The Lego Movie, and it sounds like she was a very good girl while staying with them.  If she gets all green days until the end of March, she is going to have a very big surprise, promised to her by Grandma and Grandpa...let's see if she can do it!

Garrett has started giggling, which is just about the cutest thing ever!  He's still a happy, content, good little guy.  He did manage to projectile vomit an entire bottle on Sheila on Wednesday, but after that, he was back to his smiley self.  We all think it was a massive air bubble that caused it, and not because he was sick.

Anyone who has cut babies fingernails knows how unnerving it can be.  Little G had some long nails that needed to be attended to (yes, I had cut them previously, but they grow like weeds!)  The perfect time is to tackle them when he's done eating, and passed out in a milk coma.  Finally, our little guy was declawed yesterday!  He definitely has my fingers, but with his nails a little longer, they looked even more like mine.  So, at the same time they were scratching me and everyone within reach, they still made me smile.  It's silly, I know.  But it's nice to finally see me in at least one of my kids!

Sweet dreams, little G!

We were able to go out to a new (to us) Mexican restaurant in the area last night.  There was a little baby (actually, lots and lots of families) a few tables away from us who was staring intently at the guy sitting next to us.  At one point the baby suddenly looked scared and started crying, but within 30 seconds went back to staring.  He was just SO focused on this guy, and everyone in the surrounding tables was enjoying watching the interaction.  I also enjoyed a VERY good margarita!  A big thanks to my neighbor, Emily, for recommending it - yummy!!  Emily and I had fun hanging out on Friday night watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics and enjoying some local wine.  This seals my opinion that all people named Emily (or Emilie :) ) are fun!

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