Sunday, November 17, 2013

The New Norm

Soooo...we were going to move our household this past Tuesday, but Scott decided to bite the bullet and move the majority of our items (with help from family and friends) over the previous weekend instead.  I was not prepared for a move that was taking place 3 days early, so didn't get to pack everything up as well as I had wanted to...but that's ok!  It is DONE!  I finished cleaning up our rental on Thursday, and Scott got the last of the items out of the garage on Friday afternoon.  Scott met with the owners this weekend to give back the keys, and we'll even be getting money back from our half-month rental. 

That means that the last of our 2013 big changes are complete!  We had a new baby AND moved into a new house, all within a few weeks of each other.  We survived and didn't get too irritated with each other in the process - woooohoooooo!

So, how about an update on things?

Garrett: What a sweet, sweet baby!  He's letting me sleep for a few hours at a time during the night...which doesn't sound like much, but it's better than being up every hour.  He's a pretty good eater, LOVES to be held and snuggled, and is starting to track more items with his eyes.  I love it when he's awake (and not crying) so I can get in some good face time with him.  I enjoy watching him look at me, and take in my features.  I am so glad that Garrett has joined our family - it feels complete now.  Without a doubt, I can say that he is my little (guardian) angel, and I can't imagine what the last year would have been like had we/he not been preparing to join our family. 

Ava: She's doing great in school!  She's moving onto the next level of reading, and is doing well at writing phonetically. Ms. Meister enjoys having her in her class...and we couldn't be more pleased with how she is performing!  She's getting used to having a sibling, but...she's made a few comments lately that makes me think she's feeling a bit neglected.  In truth, we've had to split the parenting duties over the last week.  Scott hasn't spent much time with Garrett and I haven't spent much time with sucks, but until we start bottle feeding, G and I are pretty much attached at the hip.  But, that too shall pass...

Ava had a birthday party for her Maple Tree BFF yesterday...she was so excited to see Ellie (and Lydia, her sister.)  And it was wonderful to see Ellie's mom again - she's one of those people that makes everything look easy.  And she is very laid back about things.  After I left their place I realized that I need more people like her in my life.  I'm a, high strung, so I need people that can balance me out and bring me back down to normal levels.  I have a feeling that more changes are coming soon!

House:  Oh, how I love this house!  We are living with stacks of boxes and piles of things and have no idea where so many things are (drinking glasses?  haven't seen them in months!  dog bowls?  hm, no clue where they might be!) BUT, I still love this place.  Things are a bit slow to get unpacked as my mornings are busy getting Ava ready for school and the driving her to SSP.  This past week we've had a lot of appointments and phone calls for both the house and Garrett, so that has also taken a good chunk of my time.  Plus, I have my little snuggle buddy who wants to be in my arms all the, slow going is the norm.  However, this coming week I need to kick it into high gear and get moving!  The holidays will be here shortly and we want to have everything pretty much done by then.
We've had a few different neighbors stop over to welcome us to the neighborhood - people are very friendly here, and I'm looking forward to settling into our new community and learning more about the area. 

Yesterday, I was in a wedding (bridesmaid) for one of my college friends.  I wasn't sure how everything was going to work since I was part of the wedding party, and Garrett had to go wherever I was going.  It actually went much better than I thought it was going to...G slept for 85% of the time, so we had a chance to socialize with adults.  But after 9 hours of being away from home, he let us know when it was time to leave last night. And we were both ok with that...we were exhausted by 9pm!

I'm grateful for everything that we've encountered over the past year (well, maybe not the sad things,  - and there were definitely a few heartbreakers), because it has forced us to make big decisions and continue to work hard for where we currently are in our lives.  November is a month were I usually write a "daily gratitude" and post it on Facebook, but this year there is so much to be grateful for that I didn't feel I could isolate it to one thing per day.  As someone advised me last month, "It just keeps getting better!"

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Megan said...

Love love love this!! I can't believe the craziness of this past month. Insane. Congrats on all surviving. Can't wait to see the new house & the new baby. I bet it will be nice to be on leave over the holidays too! Again, I'm just so happy for you all and all of your excitement