Sunday, October 13, 2013

He's Slowly Eating My Brain...

Yep, it's actually happened this time - my little zombie parasite has eaten my brain.  I managed to miss not one, but TWO things this past Monday.  Not only did we miss bringing snacks for Ava's class on Monday, but I also completely forgot that I had a haircut appointment on Monday night, too.  Luckily, both Ava's teacher and my stylist know we have just a few things going on in our lives, and were very forgiving and able to reschedule on both counts. 

When I told Scott about these two misses, he even said that missing those types of things wasn't like me.  So, we're going to blame the little zombie that I am hosting.  Sheesh.

Ava had a great time with spirit week at school...she got to wear pajamas, her Vikings shirt, orange (against bullying), and even our feeble attempt at the SSP Packer colors (we tried, and that's what counts!)  Now that we're moving into cooler weather, it truly is a battle to get her to wear warmer clothes, when all she wants to wear are dresses and skirts.  I am seeing lots of leggings in her future!

We're enjoying looking through her in-class work that she is bringing she's bringing home little books that she is having to read to us, which is really fun to see.  We're still working on learning to tie those shoelaces, and we're all pretty frustrated by the end of our "lessons."

Yesterday, Ava went with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey to pick out pumpkins to carve later this month.  We got some really big ones last weekend when we visited the apple orchard, so I was happy to see that Ava had picked out a cute little one, in honor of Baby G.  The good news is that he'll be here to see the final product, soon!

We stopped by the house this past Thursday - it's getting harder and harder to break inside! :)  The garage floor has been poured, along with the front sidewalk.  Our front posts have been built up, and finally, that 2nd floor broken window has been replaced.  Scott was doing everything he could to get into the house, and then he realized that the lock box wasn't locked, so we used the key to get in.  Sometimes the answer is right in front of you...

It doesn't appear that there's much left to do...install the rest of the appliances, carpeting, hook up the plumbing, and finish up the electrical.  Hopefully they'll get the driveway poured soon so we're not dealing with a muddy mess this winter.  Plus there needs to be some touch-up painting and cleaning...and then it should be close to our final walkthrough!  I love how it's all coming together, and can't wait to see the final product SOON!

Excited, as usual!

HUGE!  Now we just need to figure out when we can seal it before we move in...

Front sidewalk - and posts!

The appliances are migrating in...

Checking out her closet... well as Baby G's!

Cozy master bath

So, I'm 36 weeks, as of more week, and Baby G will be considered full term, and totally fine to be delivered.  I managed to finish up documentation on the third of my projects this week, and will need to finish up the last one this week, as well as get through all of my emails.  And THEN, I'll feel comfortable leaving work.  It's a good goal to have! 

This week starts my weekly doctor visits - I should know on Wednesday how things are progressing (dilated, effaced, head-down, etc...)  Last night, Baby G had the hiccups, and it's been consistent where I feel them over the last several weeks, so I'm pretty sure he's heading down, in the right direction. 

During the hiccup episode, Ava and I were watching a movie (Scott was out of town, hunting) and Ava had her head laying on my chest/belly.  There was no better feeling than to know that my son was safe and secure (and hiccupping), with my daughter right next to me.  That was a moment of pure joy, without a doubt!

We have a walkthrough with our new landlord today - hoping it goes well, and they realize that all of the damage to the house was pre-existing, and not due to us.  I keep telling myself, we're almost done...breathe in, breathe out...

On that happy thought, time to get going - lots to do today!  The weekends seem to be flying by lately - and it's beautiful outside!  Gotta make sure we get out for a bit to enjoy it!

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