Saturday, August 3, 2013

So Much Grass

It is a good thing that Scott is so handy and a great mechanic.  I think I mentioned that he fixed up the riding lawn mower that belonged to our landlord, and now, it doesn't take him an hour+ to mow this huge lawn.  Ava likes to hop on the lawn mower with him and ride around for a few laps.  It gets pretty steep in the backyard, so she's not allowed to ride with Scott while he's doing that part, but otherwise, she has a blast.  And it gives me a few minutes of peace and quiet. :)

This is just the SIDE yard!

Last Thursday, Ava and I met up with my friend Lynda and her kids to spend some time at a local library.  They had so much fun that we ended up going to their house for dinner - and not getting home until almost 10pm!  The last half of this week was incredibly busy for me at work, so needless to say, both Ava and I were exhausted by the time we got home.  This coming week, I think we're going with them to see a high school production of the "Jungle Book" - should be fun!

Last night, we drove down to check on the progress of the house.  Our realtor had called yesterday and told us that he drove by and there was lumber in the, we had to check!  And sure enough, there is!  Plus, they back filled against the foundation, and have brought up the garage (rough) floor.  It's coming right along!

Let the framing begin!

As I was standing there taking pictures, one of the neighbors and his son drive by, and they both friendly!  I'm glad we chose this neighborhood - can't wait to meet all of our neighbors (and lots of kids!)
We then went to check out the park and pool located in the neighborhood.  The park looks great - two different structures, plus some standalone play features.  There's a nice covered area with tables, a baseball diamond, basketball court, and even horseshoes!  The pool will be great next year - not too deep (3'-5') so Ava will be able to enjoy it, too.

It's been a busy day of cleaning and working...and tonight, we'll be making s'mores! When I walked to get the mail this afternoon, I realized how nice it is outside...not too hot, not too cold, sunny, but not super bright.  Absolutely perfect for a campfire!
We did get some news about our rental house - it's being listed early next week.  Honestly, I'm not looking forward to going through showings AGAIN, when it doesn't even benefit us.  But, I need to keep reminding myself that this is a temporary situation, and before we know it, we'll be in our own home again. 
I'm 26 weeks pregnant today, and am having so much fun watching him move all around my belly.  I love it when he kicks/punches/moves and my entire front bounces.  Just makes me laugh!  This week, I was reading Ava a nighttime story, and I had to take a break after the first page (I was really tired.)  I told Ava that the baby was eating my brain.  (I'm never sure how comments like that will go over.  She's pretty fascinated with vampires, so it's possible that she thinks he really eats my brain.)  Luckily, she leaned over and yelled at my belly, "Are you eating Mommy's brain?!"  And then in a tiny little voice, she responded for Baby Boy, "No!"  Five minutes later she asked him again, and she (he?) responded, "No, no!  I already told you NO!"  Turns out that she thinks he's just as sassy as she is!

As for now, Scott just finished up grilling some burgers, so we're going to enjoy this wonderful evening on our deck.  This is turning out to be a pretty great night so far!

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