Sunday, August 25, 2013

We Go to Fargo!

August has been such a busy's not surprising that the time has flown by so quickly, but at the same time, I can't believe it's almost September!  I'm catching up a bit on pics from this past month...

The first trip Ava and I took was a journey up to Fargo.  We rode up with my friend Emilie, and visited her roommate from college, Sheri.  Sheri also had her 5-year old niece, Piper, for a portion of the weekend, so we were hoping the two little girls would have lots to talk about.  But, not so much...for as outgoing and chatty as Ava is, Piper was the exact opposite.  Ava worked pretty hard each day at getting Piper to talk to her.  By both evenings, she was successful, and then the two little girls giggled and whispered non-stop. It was pretty cute to watch, once they got going!

Hitting the road!

Ava's second mom on the trip :)

Ava and Piper, slowly getting to know each other

Davies Pool is AWESOME, and the perfect place to spend a sunny Saturday in Fargo!

Enjoying the great weather with dinner outside

One last trip to the playground before the long drive back to the Cities

Sheri was very sweet and rode down the slide with Ava

This was too funny to watch...

The five girls!

And..the adult ones!

If looks could, girls!

Exhausted on the ride home (and no, I didn't let her stay sleeping like that!)

In addition to the trip to Fargo, we've been living our summer life, too.  Here are a few random pics from the last few weeks.

She's so sweet (and not sassy) when she's sleeping!

Pirate Day at Maple Tree!

Hats & Shades Day at Maple Tree

Wacky Hair Day (the next morning, her hair was nice and wavy!)
Princess Day at Maple Tree

And...her last day at Maple Tree. :(  Pre-school and summer camp are officially done for Miss Ava.  Next stop...Kindergarten!

Miss Julia and Ava

Oh, we also fit in a wedding at a beautiful golf course in Prior Lake

And, today I went to the State Fair with Em. Those would be deep fried green olives on a stick...!  It was HOT there, but we took many breaks, drank lots of water, and took it easy (at one point I said that it felt like everything was moving in slow motion due to the heat.)  Scott and I will be going back there at some point in the next week...I didn't get all my regular foods consumed, so I'm glad to have a second chance to eat more this year!

We also drove to Rosemount to check on the house...the windows are in, the roof is shingled, and we even have some plumbing in place.  Never mind that broken window in the 2nd floor - it will be replaced!

Ava's room - and you can see the bathtub has been installed in the far left background.  Yeah!

We found out that the rental we are in is scheduled to go into foreclosure in early October (Scott got the paperwork from the sheriff this past week.)  At the same time, we also found out that the house has sold, and the closing date will be in earlier, still not sure what all this means for us, but I'm hopeful that we'll be able to continue through our lease end, and extend by a month, if needed.  Just ready for this part of the process to be done...!
As for me and Baby Boy...I didn't pass the short gestational diabetes test last week, so I get to go in for the extended version this week.  I'm on a high starch/high sugar diet for the next three days before the test.  Yum, but least the State Fair was a great place to go for that!  I was on the low end of "failing" so they don't see any issues with me passing this next version of the test.  My hemoglobin levels are great, so at least I passed that! 
One of my friends sent me a box of baby boy clothes (she has two older boys) and as I was going through all of the tiny little clothes, it struck me how odd it was to be surrounded by green/blue/brown outfits, instead of the pink and purple that I'm so used to with Ava's clothing.  I'm excited to meet this little guy, and see how he adds to the dynamic of this family!
Next week: Duluth pics! :)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

House Update!

There's been quite a bit of activity at our lot in Rosemount...they've been busy!  (So have we, but that's another post, for another day...)

Ava and I drove down a week ago (after our trip to Fargo) to see what they had accomplished...I didn't go inside the house at this point (since we have a "no site visit" rule), so this is the only meaningful pic that I captured from this visit.  I was excited to see that we have a second floor!  And insulation!

But THIS weekend, Scott, Ava and I drove down (after our trip to Duluth - see, busy!) to check on things.  And wow, it's moving right along!  I wasn't going to go inside the house (because I'm a rule follower, but...I couldn't stay out.)  And then, once I was inside, I wasn't going to go up the second floor, but...Scott told me he had gone up earlier in the week, so off I went!  We hadn't seen this particular model built before (the model had a similar main level floor plan, but the second floor was different) so I was really excited to see how the second floor was coming together.  Get ready for lots of pics!
View from front
Study - to the right, just inside the front door

Front closet - to the left, just inside the front door

Main floor half bath - past the front closet, on the left side

Entrance from garage - past the half bath, on the left side

Family room with fireplace and media built-ins, at the end of the front hallway

Kitchen - there will be an island...and can't wait for that pantry!

View from back to front of house...just about where the kitchen and family room will meet

Looking upstairs from the main floor - on the right side of the front hallway

Looking back down from the mid-point of the stairs

Looking back down from the top of the stairs - so happy I added this extra window!

Bedroom #1 - most likely will be the guest bedroom, on the front of the house

Second floor full bath - between bedrooms #1 and #2, on the front of the house

Bedroom #2 - this is the second largest bedroom, so I'm pretty sure this will be Ava's room; this is on the front of the house (that's the bathroom and guest room in the background)

Bedroom #3 - most likely this will be Baby Boy's room, on the back of the house

Laundry room - between bedroom #3 and master bedroom, on the back of the house (and another window I added!)

Master bedroom - view into the room, on the back of the house

Master bedroom - view from within the room (that's the laundry room and Baby Boy's room in the background)

Master walk-in clothes will be so happy!

Master bath (partial view) - shower to the left, soaking tub to the right (and another window I added), toilet and vanities will be closer to the front.  And that's Ava's room in the background.

Basement - we'll keep this unfinished for now, but would like to have it completed within the next few years

Back of house - this was fun to see as I hadn't been in our backyard yet!

I took these pics, and then had to come home and reference the floor plans...I'm such a visual person that I needed to see the layout, and then see how it came together in 3D. :)  We are very pleased so far - this is actually going to happen!  YEAH!

Also related to housing, but not OUR house...our twin home that we're renting did go on the market a few weeks ago.  There have been several showings, and I believe an offer has been made.  We also got a notice from the sheriff, so we're thinking it's going to go into foreclosure soon.  I will be very happy once this part of our housing journey is over.  I'm ready to be into OUR house!

And for a pregnancy update...I'm 28 weeks and still feeling pretty good.  It's getting a bit harder to breathe, and I'm having more heartburn, so it's not quite as easy to forget that I'm pregnant.  But, he's still really active, and kicking me in new places, so that's good?  I think?  I love watching the whole belly move - it's like an alien is inside of me, trying to get out...!  Random people have started to ask me when I'm due, so I finally think it's readily apparent that I'm pregnant. :)
Ava's last week at Maple Tree is coming up this's so hard to believe she starts Kindergarten in two weeks!  Just a few supplies left to buy, and we probably need to review her clothes to make sure she's set.  2013 was the longest, yet shortest summer, that we've had so far, and we're trying to make the most of the remaining few weeks.  (I'll have Fargo and Duluth pics to post in the next few weeks...)