Sunday, July 21, 2013

We have Movement!

Funny how things can be so busy, but not a lot of progress is being made.  We've had fun stuff going on every single day over the last few weeks, but one area where we've been struggling is with our new house.  There have been delays - lots of them - and we were beginning to think it would never start.  We still don't know how these delays have affected our estimated completion date, but, I'm starting to think that I'm going to have Baby Boy and move into the new house...all in the same week.  Because, really, that's what this year has been like. 2013: The Year of BIG Weeks (where we look back and think what else could we have possibly squished into a 7-day time frame.)  Other notable weeks of 2013 can be found here: Exciting Changes! and FIVE (and a few other things...)

After some phone calls, and Scott talking to the job super a few times, they FINALLY dug the hole last Thursday!  I stopped by last night to confirm, and was very happy to see that not only was there a hole, but there were also footings!  I feel like this is a HUGE step for us. 

Our future driveway

It's really ours!  (That's our house number!)

More than just a hole... :)

We've had some hot days recently, so we're doing the best we can to cool off, and loving every minute of it.
Ava and Scott washed my car while I dipped my feet in her pool...I felt bad for about 2 seconds!  But, Ava had so much fun, so really, it was like a gift to her.  Right? :)
Scott looks pretty cool in these strawberry shades...

My turn for the shades! 
Side note: look at this huge front lawn behind me.  Scott is very happy he fixed up the riding lawn mower so it doesn't take him over an hour to mow anymore!

Loving her ice cream cone...

...or is she?!  (Yes, she really was!)

Baby Boy has been really active lately, but we both enjoyed a 90-minute massage last week.  I'm already thinking ahead to how great a massage will feel once I'm not pregnant and can lay on my belly.  Overall, I'm still feeling well, and trying to get into a better sleep scheduled.  Let's just say that I sneak in some naps when I can!
24 weeks!
Ava LOVES kissing and talking to her little brother.  Whenever she says good-bye to me, he gets an extra kiss and hug, too.  SO cute!

Last weekend, I went to Colorado to visit my parents (just Scott, no Ava) and had a wonderfully relaxing time.  I was in bed before 10pm each night, and enjoyed the low-key, QUIET time.  Plus, it was great seeing my parents again - I'm so happy that flights to CO are short and cheap!
When I told Ava that I brought Baby Boy with me to CO, she was very concerned about how he was buckled into the plane.  Safety first, I guess.  And then some she made some comments about how she never gets to go on vacation, so...we might need to fix that this fall!
It is down pouring right now, so I'm thinking it's a good morning for French toast and coffee.  Ava is at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's, which means Scott and I can have an adult breakfast!  Ava has a birthday party at the Como Zoo later today, so I'm hoping it clears up for that event.
Happy Sunday!

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