Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two Second Update!

The time has's moving week!  And, review your new house week!  And, hey, launch another big project at work week!  Maybe, it'll be...feel the baby move for the first time week, too! :)

Last week, Scott and I made our selections for our new house at the Design Studio.  Thank goodness we agree on things, otherwise, that could have been a painful process.  Oddly enough, the only thing we got stuck on was the exterior lighting for the garage.  Stuck to the point where we had to move on, and revisit it (we eventually resolved it...)  We were very happy with the standard offerings, so the only place we chose to upgrade was the carpeting, the carpet pad, and the flooring for the baths/mudroom.  Well worth the cost to do it now, rather than later.

Yesterday, we met with the sales agent to review the drawings for the floorplans.  We had a few minor tweaks, and a surprise that we were unaware of (all good!) so the next step is to get the final drawings reviewed, have them put together our selections, and submit it to the city for review.  Once that is back in the builder's hands, a hole will be dug, and the fun will begin!  All told, it should take about 100 days once the hole is started.  My only thought is...get it done before the baby gets here!

Back to our current house...we've been packing, discussing moving plans, getting rid of stuff, etc. Nothing like moving to help you determine what you really need in your life...  I'm concerned that we're not going to get it all done in time this week, but as long as we stay focused, we should be able to use the most of the 24 hours we have in each day.  I just keep thinking..."in less than one week from now, we'll be moved..."  Our closing is this Friday morning, so there truly is an end in site.

And then I need to focus on planning Ava's 5th birthday party, looking at a short trip to Colorado, getting Ava signed up for a new sport this summer, and everything else that I've been putting to the back of my mind lately. 

On a fun parents came to visit last weekend (and were a HUGE help) in helping us get prepped to move.  We didn't do anything too fun except focus on house stuff, which was desperately needed.  My mom loves to pack, so she kept me going even when I wanted to quit.  It also gave us the chance to spend Mother's Day together, which we haven't done in probably close to ten years.  So, THAT was the best gift I could have received for that day!

By the next time I post, one huge stress will be gone...happy sigh...  Enjoy the rest of this weekend!

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