Sunday, May 26, 2013

Moving Week

And what a week it has been...we were able to start moving items into the garage on Monday night, but couldn't get into the house until Wednesday.  And we absolutely had to everything out and cleaned by Friday at 8am.  Needless to say, it was a stressful and exhausting week.  I took Wednesday off, as well as Thursday afternoon, and I supervised the movers who came to take care of the big, heavy stuff.  I can say, with certainty, I would never want to be a mover by profession.  Ugh.  What a job!

We had help from family and friends, and somehow, managed to get the job done.  Ava and I did our final walkthrough of the old house on Thursday night around 9pm.  It was bittersweet...we're looking forward to starting a new chapter in our lives, but there were a lot of memories that kept flashing through my mind as we did that walkthrough.  Looking in Ava's room, I was remembering bringing her home from the hospital...walking through the backyard, I was thinking about watching her play in the grass as a baby, as well as having family and friends over for bonfires.  And even though I don't cook much, there were so many memories in the kitchen.  It became a bit overwhelming and Ava tried her very best to cheer me up when I started to cry.  So, we turned off all the lights, locked the door, and walked away from 235 Douglas St E for the last time.

And into our new house in Inver Grove.  And all of the boxes...everywhere!  But, with a bit of time to focus, we've got almost the entire main floor unpacked...just need to organize the food and the bathroom, and we're done.  It's a great layout, lots of room, and lovely views from the backyard (it bumps up to South Valley park - 93 acres of land and walking trails.)  Not a bad place to stay for the next 4-5 months!

We also had our closing on our old house on Friday morning - their walkthrough went well on Friday morning, and they were already starting to move in on Friday (Scott drove by.)  I hope they create as many good memories there as we did!

We're going to be able to recover for the next few months, and focus on building the new house.  And Ava's 5th birthday.  And still trying to whittle down our belongings - man, we have a lot of stuff!  Scott will say he has some guns, some tools and clothes...and the rest is mine. :)

This weekend, Scott's going to focus on getting the garage in order, smoking a turkey, and being at home for a bit (he worked all day on Saturday.)  And I am going to have a pedi and go shopping with a friend today...and keep on organizing!  Despite the chilly, wet weather, we're going to make the best of this Memorial Day weekend!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Two Second Update!

The time has's moving week!  And, review your new house week!  And, hey, launch another big project at work week!  Maybe, it'll be...feel the baby move for the first time week, too! :)

Last week, Scott and I made our selections for our new house at the Design Studio.  Thank goodness we agree on things, otherwise, that could have been a painful process.  Oddly enough, the only thing we got stuck on was the exterior lighting for the garage.  Stuck to the point where we had to move on, and revisit it (we eventually resolved it...)  We were very happy with the standard offerings, so the only place we chose to upgrade was the carpeting, the carpet pad, and the flooring for the baths/mudroom.  Well worth the cost to do it now, rather than later.

Yesterday, we met with the sales agent to review the drawings for the floorplans.  We had a few minor tweaks, and a surprise that we were unaware of (all good!) so the next step is to get the final drawings reviewed, have them put together our selections, and submit it to the city for review.  Once that is back in the builder's hands, a hole will be dug, and the fun will begin!  All told, it should take about 100 days once the hole is started.  My only thought is...get it done before the baby gets here!

Back to our current house...we've been packing, discussing moving plans, getting rid of stuff, etc. Nothing like moving to help you determine what you really need in your life...  I'm concerned that we're not going to get it all done in time this week, but as long as we stay focused, we should be able to use the most of the 24 hours we have in each day.  I just keep thinking..."in less than one week from now, we'll be moved..."  Our closing is this Friday morning, so there truly is an end in site.

And then I need to focus on planning Ava's 5th birthday party, looking at a short trip to Colorado, getting Ava signed up for a new sport this summer, and everything else that I've been putting to the back of my mind lately. 

On a fun parents came to visit last weekend (and were a HUGE help) in helping us get prepped to move.  We didn't do anything too fun except focus on house stuff, which was desperately needed.  My mom loves to pack, so she kept me going even when I wanted to quit.  It also gave us the chance to spend Mother's Day together, which we haven't done in probably close to ten years.  So, THAT was the best gift I could have received for that day!

By the next time I post, one huge stress will be gone...happy sigh...  Enjoy the rest of this weekend!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Exciting Changes!

Remember that week a few months ago, where we had a gajillion things happening? (If not, you can read about it here.)  But, as a recap, this is what we faced in seven short days at the end of February:
  • Friday - we listed our house
  • Saturday - we put Spanky down
  • Tuesday/Wednesday - launched a HUGE project at work (biggest that BI has seen to-date)
  • Wednesday - we sold our house
Well...there was one other life-changing thing that happened, that I started to suspect on that Thursday, but didn't get confirmation until that Saturday...Baby Goers is coming our way, November 2013!

Seriously, I'm not sure how much more we could have packed into that one week, and frankly, I don't want to try to top that week - ever. 

I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant, and feeling great!  No morning sickness at all with this one (I had a tiny bit with Ava.)  I'm mostly just more tired and hungry than usual.  And honestly, we're so busy with everything else that I sometimes forget that I'm pregnant.  We've heard the heartbeat and even had an early ultrasound, so there's definitely a baby in there!

A few weeks ago, Ava made the comment that my belly was getting bigger.  I asked her if she knew why, and she said, "Because you have a baby in there!"  I denied it and told her I had been eating more (which isn't a lie - I've been inhaling everything around me.)  So, yesterday, it didn't come as quite a surprise when we broke the news to her...but, she's still excited to be a big sister!

 Watch Ava's reaction here!

We were at an engagement party last night, and Ava said the best part about this is when "they cut mommy open, take the baby out of her belly, and sew her back up.  YEAH!"  Um...  I'm going to disagree with her on this one.

The Jewel Fairy

A rare moment of her sitting still to color...

So, lots of changes coming in the next six months for our family. I was hoping our house would be built before school starts in the fall, now my goal is to have it built before I have this baby. If not, we'll manage...we always do!