Sunday, April 28, 2013

Time to Pack!

Our basement is full of boxes - floor to ceiling boxes!  It's good, because we need them to pack and move, but...bad because that means we need to do the work of getting everything into those boxes.  Yesterday was the first nice Saturday we've had in 6+ months, and while I should have been in the basement starting to pack, I just couldn't do it.  I needed to sit in the sun.  So....the boxes will wait for another day!

A little change in plans over the last week...we opted not to go with the dog-friendly townhouse I looked at last weekend, because last night, we signed the lease on a larger townhome, which is much closer to Maple Tree Day School.  That means we won't be driving an extra 20 minutes out of the way two times a day to drop off/pick up Ava this summer.  Instead, we'll be driving just an extra 5 minutes - all the way from Inver Grove Heights! 

Sometimes, things just work out like they are supposed to.  I was getting stressed out about where we were going to live during this transition period.  Our realtor mentioned that his pastor rents a townhome in IGH, so we contacted him, took a look, and signed all within a 5-day period!  He was flexible with the end date and did a 5-month lease, and we can discuss adjustments as needed as the end date comes closer.  The pastor (John) has a 6-year old granddaughter named I'm thinking there will be some playdates this summer!  Plus, we learned a bit about our soon-to-be neighbors...sounds like there are some right around our age with kids, and they like to have bonfires in the summer.  Sounds pretty good to me!

Checking that off the to-do moving list was HUGE!  We'll be moving on May 22-23 into the new place, and then closing on our current house on May 24.  Seems like it's best that we are as organized as possible to make it through the next three weeks...

We ran into a small glitch with the builder for our new house - they weren't sure they were going to be able to increase the depth of the garage, but it sounds like they have come up with a few options that may work.  We all want this to get signed off on soon so it can get started!

Ava is currently with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey right now, and I reminded Scott this morning how easy it was to get stuff done around the house without a 4-year old constantly demanding our attention.  I always enjoy the time when Ava is visting family, but yesterday, I did miss her a bit.  I had to snap myself out of that, as I know she'll be home soon enough!

Scott and I took advantage of the free night and went out to eat in Minnetonka (on the west side of the cities)...we drove out there to look at a potential business and decided to try something new for dinner.  It was great getting out of our usual neighborhood, but boy, that drive home was a long one last night.

Ava and I had plans to watch a movie on Friday night, but instead we ended up watching Monsters vs. Aliens, and then Bubble Guppies, and then...I have no idea.  Because we both fell asleep.  Scott came in from working outside to find us in the dark, with the TV on...both happily snoozing.  Hey, Friday nights are hard - the minute I sit down, I know I'm out for the count! :)

Imagine my surprise when I checked our camera this morning and found this lovely gem waiting for me..turns out Pillow Pets really do make good pillows!

We're going to have another nice day, which means I will not be in the basement packing!  It's currently 65 degrees - hard to believe that less than a week ago, we got 8" snow.  As long as spring is really here for the season, then I'll forgive Mother Nature for that white stuff. 

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


It's that time of birthday!  I've been so focused lately on everything that is going on with the house, work, etc, that this one snuck up quietly on me. 

Besides the snow that's coming down right now (snow?  really?  it RAINS on my birthday not SNOWS! c'mon Mother Nature!)  we've had a good weekend celebrating...I went out with a good friend on Friday night (her birthday is two days before mine, so it was a joint celebration), and last night, Scott, Ava and I went out for dinner.  We ate waaaay too much food, but we still managed to squeeze in a little bit of dessert.  The thick, warm chocolate chip cookie filled with liquid chocolate, topped with ice cream was too good to resist!

Our house is being cleaned on Tuesday, so I was even able to skip cleaning this weekend - and THAT was just about the best present I could have asked for.  I got so much stuff done around here, so I can relax a bit today.  Later this afternoon, we have a retirement party to go to for Scott's old boss, so at least we'll get some good food, drinks, and cake there, too!

The current housing situation is top of mind lately...we switched to a bigger lot so we can build a house with a three-car garage (the other couple that had a verbal hold on the lot backed down when we presented a written offer.)  We're waiting to hear final word on the total price, and then we can start the process of building.  Yay!  In the meantime, I looked at a short-term town house's hard to find a short-term lease that will accept dogs.  But, I did!  So, we need to decide today if we're going to sign the lease...and then we can start the decluttering, packing and moving process.  Hard to believe it's almost time to close on the house!  (May 24)

There have been a few times lately that people have asked if we were growing out Ava's bangs.  Ha!  That's just us being lazy about getting her hair cut. :)  So, yesterday, we made a trip to get her hair styled.  She wanted to look just like Snow White, so I had to make it clear we were NOT going to be dyeing her hair black and putting curls in it.  Instead, we ended up with a shorter, layered 'do.  I think it looks great - and it should be much easier to comb through after her bath (we fight the tangles every night...ugh.) 

This should be a great day...looking forward to making this upcoming year a memorable one!

Sunday, April 7, 2013


We had a wonderful Easter gathering with Scott's family last weekend...even though the weather was a little cooler than it has been for the last few Easters, the kids still got outside and ran off some of that Easter sugar.  The adults probably should have done that, too, since we all seemed to eat so much food while we were there!

This year Easter was really fun for us...Ava totally participated in coloring the eggs, and she couldn't wait to find all of the eggs hidden in the house.  Once again, she looked in places that I thought would have been too hard...the EB really needs to step it up for next year!

It was also a busy week of looking at houses, meeting with a builder, and moving forward on the housing adventure!  We decided on a lot in Rosemount this past weekend and have put a verbal hold on it.  We need to see if one other lot in the development could fit a three car garage, and if so, we'll need to see if we can purchase that one instead.  That should be wrapped up this week, if all goes well.  It's exciting, though, as we have decided on a seems that it's finally shaping up - and we may have this completed by summer's end!  In the meantime, we've started to see what the options are for temp housing...trying not to panic, as I know it will all work out.  It's just weighing on the back of my mind - but not too heavily.  Yet.  Ask me in a week how I'm doing. :)

One of the best things about this week is that the snow is almost all gone!  It's a cool 52 degrees out right now, but the sun is shining.  Scott raked up the yard, and Ava's been cruising the alley on her bike.  I'm actually really happy to see her so excited to be riding, as at the end of last summer, she appeared to be lukewarm about hopping on her bike.  Maybe those few extra inches she has grown is helping her confidence a bit!

This week we have two playdates lined up in the evening for with Catherine, and one with Ellie and Lydia.  Crossing fingers that it'll be warm enough that maybe they can be outside for a bit!  Even better for me is that I have a playdate with my friend Tiffany on day!  Ava and Scott will drive down separately for the evening, so Tiff and I can hang out and catch up for a bit.  Can't wait!  There are lots of really fun and great things to look forward to in the coming weeks!