Sunday, March 24, 2013


Sometimes I feel like a broken record, stating how busy we are.  But wow, the last two weeks fell into the uber-busy category.  Remember all of those highs and lows from early March?  They just keep coming...I would like if we could maintain an even ride around here, so we can catch our breath once in a while.  But, I have a feeling the next few months are going to be a wild time, no matter what we hope for!

Luckily, we were able to squeeze in a fun play date with some new friends last weekend.  Ellie and Lydia (sisters) came over and boy, did those three girls have a blast playing dress up, princesses, shopping, etc. You name it, they did it!  Their mom, Amanda, and I even had a chance to chat for a few hours - it's always fun meeting new people in the area!  None of the girls wanted the play date to be over, but Amanda let them know that Ava could come over soon - maybe a pizza and wine night on an upcoming Friday! Always great to have something fun to look forward to!

Taking a break for some F&B.  Ellie's on Ava's right, and Lydia's keeping a close eye on the begging Lucky...

Right after Ellie and Lydia left on Saturday, I hopped in the car and headed to a friend's house to have dinner with her family.  It was a much more quiet St Patty's day than last year when this same friend and I went out to an Irish bar.  But it gave us a great chance to catch up on all that's been going on in our lives.  Thank God for good friends - during both happy and sad times!

The next day, Scott, Ava and I drove around for about 5 hours, looking at lots, houses, neighborhoods, etc.  We decided that Farmington and Empire were just too far away, and have resumed our search for a lot/house in Rosemount.  During this past week, we met up with our realtor and his family (he has a daughter who is about a year younger than Ava, and a much younger son), and we looked at a few more homes in the area.  Adeline (Travis' daughter) and Ava had SUCH a good time checking out the houses and keeping each other entertained.  In fact, Ava told me that she and Adeline are going to be sharing a room in our new house. :)

This coming week, we're going to see if we can get a lot within our price range in Rosemount, and if so, the next step is to meet with the builder and pick out a floor plan (which we pretty much already know what it would be.)  Fingers crossed that this all comes together quickly, as we have exactly TWO MONTHS before we close on this house!

This weekend has been much more restful - we spent both nights in, as a family, enjoying our fireplace, watching some shows, and taking it easy.  I think it's exactly what we needed, even though it's not what we had originally planned.

Gettin' in some laptop time...

The one fun thing that we're going to reschedule is taking Grandma Deb out for her birthday very soon!  She celebrated her special day on Saturday, and while we weren't able to spend it with her on that day, we're looking forward to a family dinner in the near future!

I made a navy bean and ham soup that's been cooking all day, so we are anxiously waiting to eat dinner tonight.  The house smells so good!  So, here's to hoping that the next seven days have a sense of calmness and joy about them!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Letter "I"

The kids at Ava's pre-school take turns bringing in items for Show & Tell.  Usually, there's some sort of direction that goes along with bring in three items that starts with a certain letter of the alphabet.  The first time Ava got the bucket, she was assigned the letter "A".  Easy peasy!  This past week, she was assigned the letter "I".  One word...Impossible.  It seems that everything that begins with the letter "I" melts.  It took four adults 15 minutes to come up with three items, and some of those were stretching it a bit.  Thank goodness for fake food!  We were able to put in a fake "I"ce cream cone, a bucket of fake "I"ce cream, and an "I"nk pen.  The pen was stretching it a bit...

It made me feel bad for anyone who gets the letter "Q" or "X".  Our luck...we'll get both! :)

We had Ava's school conference on Monday night, and turns out, she's doing great!  One thing that disturbed me a bit was to hear that there is already a group of girls who are constantly competing to be the Queen Bee in the group...competing for who wears the prettiest thing in her hair, who has what shade of lipstick in her backpack, and who saw Justin Bieber on a show last night.  Luckily, Ava removes herself from those discussions and goes to play with the boys.  She plays with a few other little girls in the class who do not participate in those discussions either, and for that, I am very happy.  They are FOUR and FIVE!  Not fourteen.  Our conclusion is that these girls must have older sisters that they're learning this from.  Yikes!

Other than that, Ava has mastered many, many skills and will be well prepared for Kindergarten this fall.  I am so pleased we decided to send her to Maple Tree!  We didn't have school this past Thursday and Friday due to conferences, so Ava went back to Debi's house for those two days.  The kids there were so excited to have her back, and even fought about who was going to sit next to her!  Ah, feel the love...

Scott and I had a very successful walk through the Parade of Homes last weekend.  We found our perfect house, but it's too far away.  So, we're going to see what the options are to build it on a lot closer in the cities.  Fingers crossed that this works out!

As for our current house, the inspection took place last weekend, and there were a few minor things that needed to be fixed.  The appraisal took place on Friday, and we're waiting to hear back on how that went.  Then the next step is the bank inspection.  And then maybe we can get that SOLD sign up!

Ava was supposed to have a playdate with a few different kids this weekend, but she was sick all day yesterday, so we didn't chance having anyone over, or going to meet up with anyone.  We're going to try for next weekend to have Ellie and Lydia (Ellie is Ava's BFF at pre-school, and Lydia is Ellie's younger sister) come over.  Ava was pretty bummed we had to cancel that playdate yesterday...but even she agreed that it was for the best.  And we had to miss out on a trip to the Science Museum this morning to meet up with Dylan and Jacob, but I'm hoping there's another scheduled fun event in the near future!  (Hint, hint, Lisa! ;) )

I realized that I've been slacking on taking pics for the last few weeks...oops...

Scott rigged up some crazy contraption for Ava to sing into...

Darla cuddled up to Ava yesterday morning...such a great dog!

Lots to do today...we're meeting with the realtor this afternoon, and we've got a little homework project to tackle.  And books to read - I finally made it to the library and came home with lots of books for Ava.  I forgot how much I love the library - can't wait to go back soon!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

All That In Seven Days?

Some weeks are dull, where nothing extraordinary happens.  And then there are some weeks like last week...most of the events were fun and exciting, so at least we had that going for us.

The one sad thing?  Spanky's passing, of course.  The house still seems a bit empty without him - like the two remaining dogs just aren't enough.  (Don't get me wrong - they ARE enough...we won't be adding any additional four-legged friends to the house at this time!)  But there have been many tears shed this week over the loss of our sweet Spanky.

Instead, let's focus on the positive!  We listed our house last Friday,  February 22.  We had our first showing on Sunday afternoon, and then it was a whirlwind few days of showings.  On Tuesday, we had four showings, where one was a repeat on the same day.  By Wednesday night, we had three offers, all above asking price!  After a few counters, we accepted an offer, and now are pending the sale, based on the outcome of the inspections and appraisals.  All I can say is what a different market it is now than it was just four months ago!  Fingers crossed that it all goes well over the next few weeks, and we can move forward to a late May closing.

Where are we going to live?  Great question!  We're going through the Parade of Homes tomorrow while our house is being we have a few lots and pre-existing homes that we need to view soon.  This is definitely a seller's market, as there is just not a ton of options available at this time.  We just need to keep our eyes and options open, and see what comes up. 

Other than that, we had a very busy week at work with the 2nd and 3rd rollouts of the big project I am a part of.  Everything has gone fairly well so far, which is a relief - this is a high profile account, and all of the hard work put in over the last several months has resulted in a chaos-free launch.  Yeah!

We have Ava's school conference on Monday night, and I am very interested in hearing how she's doing at school.  It will be nice to have some one-on-one time with her teacher to ask questions about Ava's learning.  And today, she had a fun little birthday party today for one of the boys in her was weird to drop her off for a few hours, and pick her up when it was all done.  But...I got so much done during those two hours! :)

So, what a crazy week we have have...I'm feeling very blessed this week, and hope the good news continues!