Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life in 3D

I have to say...our new TV is pretty awesome.  Normally I wouldn't say that, as I don't want to encourage excessive TV watching, but this TV deserves those accolades. We hadn't bought a new TV for seven years or so (nothing was broken, so why would we?) but a few months ago, we decided to start looking for something bigger, brighter and shinier.  And we found it!  I love, love, love how easy it is to stream from Netflix, Skype with my parents, and watch movies in 3D.  I even found an app that helps teach reading!  I am constantly amazed at how technology evolves and changes our lives.  It'll be interesting to see what the differences will be in seven more years...

Even with this fabulous new addition, I still cherish the rare silence that I sometimes find in our house.  Yesterday afternoon, Scott took Ava on some errands, all three dogs were sitting quietly, the TV was off, the washer wasn't running, and it was QUIET.  I sat in a patch of sun on the living room carpet and reveled in the silence.  And then the dogs started walking around, the washer moved into the next cycle, and the furnace started up.  So, life's sounds kicked back in, but, ahhhhh...that silence was fantastic while it lasted!

Enjoying Open Season in 3D

 Watching Hotel Transylvania (funny, funny, funny!)


We've all developed colds of some sort this week, so there's been a lot of sniffles and coughs around here.  Not surprising considering the weather and all of the illnesses going around...we just need to stock up on o.j., Kleenex, and chicken soup!  And maybe allow ourselves a few naps in front of the TV! :)

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