Sunday, February 24, 2013

Goodbye Sweet Spanky

This is a post that I'm not very excited to write.  As you probably know, our oldest dog, Spanky, had struggled with health issues (ear infections, seizures) his whole life, and recently, his health had severely deteriorated.  He hadn't been eating, his ear infection was so severe his face was swollen, he had a hard time getting up the stairs, and he very rarely wanted to play.  Last week we got a few tail wags from him, and he ate a few bowls of food, but it was a 50-50 chance that he would actually keep the food down.

On Thursday, we made the decision that if he wasn't any better by this weekend, we were going to put him down.  I know Scott didn't want to make that decision as Spanky was a very special dog to him - he truly was his little buddy, following him around everywhere, wanting to be wherever Scott was, and howling his sadness whenever Scott would leave him.

Throughout Friday night, it became clear that Spanky wasn't going to have a miraculous recovery, so Scott made an 8am appointment with the vet for Saturday morning.  The countdown to when they had to leave was horrible.  Knowing that we were going to send him off, and never see him again was so hard to accept.  Ava and I stayed at home so Scott could say goodbye to Spanky on his own.  Scott was holding him when his heart stopped - that's an image that will stay with him forever.  In addition to feeling immense sadness, Scott's also feeling guilty...did he make the right decision?  Was there something else that we could have done to keep Spanky with us longer?  So many what ifs...

But it was the humane thing to do.

Ava was very concerned that Lucky would no longer have her father with her.  But, she was happy to hear that Spanky is now running and barking with all of the other dogs who have passed on.  We've had a lot of talks about death lately, but she keeps asking if we're going to see him again.  Sigh... :(

Even though Darla and Lucky are still with us, the house feels oddly empty.  And quiet.  It's not even like Spanky added that much extra noise to the house, but it feels like there is a hole with something missing.  Lucky has caught Scott off guard a few times where she's popped out from behind a corner, and he thought she was Spanky.  Double sigh.

Spanky's first day with Scott

So much love

Lookin' good!

And then there were two...Spanky was always watching Darla!

Spanky tolerated Darla cuddling in his bed

Fast forward many years...the gray has set in, and he is an old man

This was from last December - before his face swelled up and he became almost unrecognizable.
And this is about as much as I can write without breaking down, so...more to come next week.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Good, The Bad & The Rock Star

The good news:
  • The house will be listed this Friday, 2/22 - hoping that the third time is a charm for this listing!
  • The house projects leading up to the listing are winding down, and now it's just time for a good cleaning and some de-cluttering.  The fireplace renovation looks great - way to go, Scott!
  • We survived a one-hour wait for dinner on Valentine's Day, even though we had reservations.  We made friends at the bar, so it wasn't all bad...
  • Ava and I managed not to kill each other while signing her name to her Valentine's Day cards for pre-school.  You'd think that with a super short name like hers, it wouldn't be a big deal.  But, it was painful.  Another reminder that I would not make a good teacher...lack o'patience!
  • At the same time we were signing her name to the cards, she was reading the list of classmates to me.  And I mean reading!  She read the names to me in order that they were on the sheet!  And we've been working on sounding out words this week. I'm just so impressed with how her little mind works and soaks up the knowledge.
  • Ava's BFF at pre-school is a little girl named Ellie.  Ellie's mom and I finally met on Friday morning and we exchanged numbers...apparently Ellie talks about Ava non-stop, and we both think it would be great to do a playdate soon.  Yay!  In fact, when Ellie and Ava saw each other on Friday morning, they stopped at the front door to give each other a big hug.  So cute!  That makes my heart happy.
  • My big work project is well underway, and we have official approval to launch the site this coming week.  It's been a very busy eight months leading up to this point, and it's hard to believe that the launch is almost here.  We've still got huge amounts of work to get through, but we're going to celebrate a little bit this week.  Whew...
  • Spanky managed to survive the week.  Just a few days ago, we were sure we were going to have to put him down this weekend, but that dog is a survivor.  He was actually wagging his tail yesterday, and he's even been sniffing around for some food, so his appetite is coming back.  It really is good news, but at the same time, we know the end is coming, and it feels like we're drawing it out a bit.
  • Ava came up with her first pick-up line: "My name's Kevin.  What's your's?  Heaven?"  Hm.  Interesting.  Does this belong on the good news list?  Not sure.
  • Ava also managed to not freak out too much at her first Hibachi dinner last night.  The fire show was a little much for her, but after that went out, she had so much fun watching the chef make the food.  She was even a good sport and tried to catch the shrimp in her mouth that he tossed to her - but it bounced off her eye instead. :)
  • Oh, she is officially registered for Kindergarten!  We registered her at Kaposia, just in case the house doesn't sell, so things may change for the fall, but at least she knows what's coming and she's excited!  She saw a few little friends from pre-school at Kindergarten Round-Up, so that was fun for her.  It's neat to get a glimpse of what the school year will hold for her.

The bad news:
  • Is there any?  I'm a little stressed out about cleaning the house and getting the few things put away, but I think I can deal with it.  Maybe. We'll see what happens in the next few days.
  • Hm, I think that's it! :)
This little outfit and performance made me laugh.  She's wearing her Alice in Wonderland costume for Halloween 2011...never mind that it's a little small... 

A natural crooner...

Happy Sunday!  Lots to do and not enough time. :)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life in 3D

I have to say...our new TV is pretty awesome.  Normally I wouldn't say that, as I don't want to encourage excessive TV watching, but this TV deserves those accolades. We hadn't bought a new TV for seven years or so (nothing was broken, so why would we?) but a few months ago, we decided to start looking for something bigger, brighter and shinier.  And we found it!  I love, love, love how easy it is to stream from Netflix, Skype with my parents, and watch movies in 3D.  I even found an app that helps teach reading!  I am constantly amazed at how technology evolves and changes our lives.  It'll be interesting to see what the differences will be in seven more years...

Even with this fabulous new addition, I still cherish the rare silence that I sometimes find in our house.  Yesterday afternoon, Scott took Ava on some errands, all three dogs were sitting quietly, the TV was off, the washer wasn't running, and it was QUIET.  I sat in a patch of sun on the living room carpet and reveled in the silence.  And then the dogs started walking around, the washer moved into the next cycle, and the furnace started up.  So, life's sounds kicked back in, but, ahhhhh...that silence was fantastic while it lasted!

Enjoying Open Season in 3D

 Watching Hotel Transylvania (funny, funny, funny!)


We've all developed colds of some sort this week, so there's been a lot of sniffles and coughs around here.  Not surprising considering the weather and all of the illnesses going around...we just need to stock up on o.j., Kleenex, and chicken soup!  And maybe allow ourselves a few naps in front of the TV! :)