Sunday, January 20, 2013

Old Friends, New Friends

What.A.Week.  I will not complain about being busy, as I am thankful to have a job that I genuinely enjoy.  I will not complain about Ava's dramatic tendencies, as we are blessed to have such a bright little girl.  And I will not complain about the frigid cold (this is a hard one), as we could choose to move to another state if we were that miserable.

So, all I will say is...what a week.  Glad it's over and that there's a new one awaiting us!

Scott and Ava have been having fun with the toy shotgun Scott bought Ava for Christmas.  It's giving her an early glimpse into gun safety, which makes me happy.  Imagine my glee when she came out dressed like this, ready to go pretend-hunting (for rabbits, no less!)  Scott might need to introduce the concept of mossy oak/blaze orange to this little girl.

Even though we were super busy this week, we still found a few minutes to snuggle...

Yes, we still have three dogs...they just don't get featured too much.  Here are Darla and Lucky, staying far away from the snuggling that's happening on the other side of the couch.

And the old man of the group, Spanky.  He's really not doing well these days, so we're not sure how much longer he'll be around.

Scott worked most of the day yesterday, so I planned a play date for Ava and I to go sledding with one of my friends and her two kids.  Talk about weird connections to people, through different channels of life...  Lynda and I have been friends since (roughly) 1998 when I started dating her ex-boyfriend.  After a somewhat rough start, we actually became friends and enjoyed hanging out.  After Lynda bought her first house we went to visit So St Paul.  At that point, SSP felt like it was a million miles away when driving from Minneapolis.

Fast forward a few years...I start dating Scott, meet his family, and realize one day that while we're visiting his dad, that my friend Lynda lives two houses down from him! (At that point, I hadn't seen Lynda for a bit.)  We catch up a bit, and then lose touch again.

Now fast forward many more years...Ava starts at Maple Tree and they are selling cookbooks for a fundraiser.  These cookbooks are made up of recipes gathered from the families of the kids who go to MTDS.  A name catches my guessed it, Lynda.  Her son is in pre-1 at Maple Tree, and her daughter is in Kindergarten at the school right down the street from us.  I made a point of looking for Lynda at the Christmas concert, we exchanged emails, and yesterday we all went sledding together, with a hot chocolate date at a local coffee house right after. 

There is something incredibly comforting about hanging out with someone that you've known for many years.  Doubly awesome that all of the kids get along, and they've asked Ava to come over to play.  Triply awesome that they live here in SSP, so they're nice and close!

So...what a week.  At least it ended on a high note with the sledding yesterday!

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