Sunday, December 2, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas!

It seems like there is so much to do during the holiday season.  While the Type A part of my personality feels a bit of panic when I'm not able to quickly check things off of the extensive holiday to-do list, the very, very small part of my personality that's a bit more easy-going steps in and reminds me to slow down and enjoy the moments.

Now that turkey day is done, we can focus 100% on the Christmas holiday - and boy, have we been having fun!  Yesterday, we had family pictures taken (Ava looks great, we look exhausted), and then met up with Scott's sister and her three boys, and went to visit Santa at Southdale Mall.  Last year, we saw Santa just a few days before Christmas, and let's just say that he was a very popular guy - I think we waited for an hour or so, just to say hi.  But yesterday, there was no one in line!  Note to self: always go early in the Christmas season...

When Santa asked Ava what she would like for Christmas, her response was a "bow."  Santa gave me an odd look, and then asked her if maybe she would like a doll instead.  I didn't hear her answer, as I was trying to figure out if she wants a HAIR bow, a GIFT bow, or a bow that she can hunt with...?  Or, maybe she wants a BEAU!  She does talk about the boys in her pre-school class all the time. :)

We're hosting a little Christmas party next weekend, as well as determining the goodies we're going to bake this year.  Plus, we're starting to check things off the Christmas shopping list - this year, I will be good, and ship the out-of-state packages BEFORE Christmas day.  We also ordered the Christmas cards last night, and finished our tree/house decorating today.  (See, Type A self, things ARE getting done!)

We did have fun decorating the tree last night...there was a toasty fire roaring, Rudolph playing in the background, Ava wanting to hang up all of the breakable ornaments, Scott cursing at the Christmas hooks that kept getting tangled up, me constantly telling Ava to hang the ornaments on more than just the bottom branches...oh yeah, it was fun!  Eventually, we pulled it all together - the tree is done, George (the elf) has come to stay with us for the next 23 days, and even our charity items are all purchased and ready to go. 

Enough words, how 'bout some pics?

Enjoying a little plane ride after seeing Santa at Southdale

Making a reindeer necklace - and looking surprised that I had a camera...really?

Mission accomplished!

Getting irritated that I still had that camera out.

Helping Daddy with the garland

Ava couldn't wait to put the first ornament on the tree!

Almost done!

Time for the topper!

I love that Christmas glow!

I picked up a cd of kid's Christmas music today, and I'm excited to play it tonight.  Ava's pre-school class has been practicing all of their songs for the Christmas concert in a few weeks, so it will be neat for her to be able to hear those songs at home, too.  This truly is such a magical time of year - as soon as I can get through my list of things to do, I'll enjoy it.  Promise! :)

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Jean said...

Beautiful!! Sounds like you guys are enjoying your holiday season. Can't wait to see some of the crafts you do this year... I need to figure out some for us as well.

I wanted to share our favorite kid's christmas CD. It is a must have!! Go buy it if it isn't the one you already bought.