Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Week of Christmas!

Oh what a week it has been!  We had such a wonderful holiday, filled with fun family events, great food, and fantastic memories.  On December 26, I found myself wondering what to do with my free tv?  Read a book?  SLEEP???

Ava made this bird feeder at pre-school - it has a bell on it so we know when it's being snacked on!

Getting ready to make the traditional German butterballs for our soup on Christmas day

Ava wasn't crazy about the food processor.  At first...

Then she realized it's not so bad!

Counting out nine cups of potato bread crumbs

Starting to roll the butterballs!  After which, this process became very messy, and no more pics were taken...

Crust mustache!

On Christmas Eve night, we spent the evening with Scott's mom's extended family.  Lots of kids made this a fun, crazy night!
Jenna - Ava - Tatiana - Savannah - Calleigh - Savante

Dancing with Grandma!

Savannah is so cute!

Getting ready for Great-Grandma's surprise gift!

All the kids had to lay down and pretend to be asleep before they could open their gifts (Dream Lites for all!)

Once we made it home, we sprinkled reindeer food on the boulevard...sparkly!

Let's not forget a treat for Santa. (And carrots for the reindeer in case the sparkly food wasn't enough!)

Christmas morning was actually pretty nice and relaxed.  We had a leisurely brunch, and took our time before opening all of the stockings and gifts.  I was excited to try this new brunch recipe - and I thought it was pretty enough to take pictures of! :)

It turned out great!

Time to open the gifts!

This one was wrapped tightly...I love Ava's expression in this one (thanks Grandma Karen!)

Even Lucky was intrigued by the mini space shuttle from Denver

All she wanted was a doll...and she got it!  But I want to know what's up with that face!

And then it was time to go back to work for a few very looong days.  But then, on Saturday night, Scott and I had a double date with Angie and Chad.  We had booked a murder mystery dinner through Groupon, and while the event itself was ok, the company and chance to catch up was great!

Did I mention it was a masquerade theme?  And no, I was NOT the only one wearing a mask at the event - just the only one in our little group!

One of Ava's Christmas presents was to go to the Rainforest Cafe at the Mall of America, and then to head to Build-a-Bear.  Ava was intrigued with the thunderstorms, rain, mist and live fish in the aquariums at dinner.  Plus, she got to take home this cool frog cup!

Think she knows the frog cup is watching her?? We were standing in line waiting to get her bear fluffed!

All done!  Welcome to the family, Fruit Snack (now adorned with a lovely flower dress and sparkly shoes.) 

Tomorrow, we'll head south for a New Year's celebration...should be a great time with awesome friends! 

See ya later, 2012...can't wait to meet you, 2013!  Happy New Year!

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