Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012

October has been a fun month, full of activities and adventures, spooky stories, and sweet treats.  Our fall bucket list "made" us get out there and do things we might not usually do, so I'm grateful that Ava's pre-school sent the list home with her, and encouraged us to do all of these fun things.

This past Halloween week was especially busy, but there are certain things that HAVE to be carving a pumpkin!  Last year, we carved 6 (I think), so this year, it was a blessing to realize we only had to carve one BIG pumpkin.  We did end up going the route of a fancy design, as opposed to a more simple face.  However, Scott and I took turns cutting out the detailed portions, so I didn't get utterly sick of carving like I did last year.

Love the free laughter!
Princess Darla

Lucky's not quite so thrilled to be wearing a tiara

Scott was busy...he dug out a huge window well for our bedroom in the basement, so it can actually be marketed as a bedroom.  Poor guy was really sore the next day.

Love the look of concern!


On Halloween night, we met up with Scott's cousins and we headed out in SSP to collect the goods.  I was very happy to hear Ava thanking people for her treats, and wishing them a Happy Halloweeeeeeen!  I think we were gone for maybe 45 minutes, and that was plenty long for our little girl.  She refused to wear a coat and mittens, so her hands were little popsicles by the time we got back to Great-Grandma's house. Next year, I'd like to dress her up in a snuggly suit so she stays warm!

They didn't have a Halloween party on October 31 at pre-school (they held it the next day), but I still wanted to send her to school in something a bit festive.  Plus, she got these cool ghost earrings from Great-Grandma that she wanted to show off.

The wig that came with her costume (Jewel Sparkles, a Lalaloopsy doll) didn't work out, and it turns out that I don't have a small barrel curling iron, so we went easy and left her hair alone.  In the process of leading up to this costume, she's broken two tiaras - thank goodness we seem to have a plethora around the house!

She really liked having her face painted!

Needless to say, she racked up quite a bit of candy.  If we're not careful, that candy will still be here next Halloween, so as odd as it sounds, we need to make sure it's being eaten on a regular basis.  Nothing like shoving sweets down a child's throat!  (I'm rolling my eyes at myself, here.)

It sounds like they had a fun Halloween/pizza party on November 1 at pre-school. I saw a pic on Facebook of all the little girls in their costumes...not surprising that most of them were princesses of some sort! Maybe next year, we can try something different. :)

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