Sunday, October 14, 2012


Last week, we lost quite a few leaves on our trees, so Scott had to do the first raking in our backyard.  Although, now I'm looking at the trees in the neighborhood, and I see that there are still a ton of leaves on I think Scott will be doing quite a bit of raking in the weeks to come!

I'm not sure who had more fun jumping in the leaves last weekend...Scott or Ava?!
"Dad, you need to rake more!"

So he did!

And then she just walked through it...?

Scott had to show her what to do!

Love the look on Scott's face here!

I've decided that fall has lots of opportunities for fun baking and crafts...and this week, we've done quite a few!
Having fun putting together a foam owl

She took pieces from my Halloween foam kit, and made a scene (to the right of the owl).  Notice the spider wearing the witches hat. :)

Mom thought it would be fun to decorate chocolate-dipped pretzels.

Not sure she agrees!!

Impressed?  Not sure. But, they taste good!

It's the second week of bow hunting, and this weekend, Scott headed south. This means that Ava and I joined him late Saturday afternoon, and spent the evening with the Winfield family!  As always, Isabel and Ava had a great time together...with minimal fighting.  And Evy was chatty and playing with the big girls, too.
This morning before we left to head home, Tiff had a fun idea for making ghosts.  Super easy, and cute!

It was a rainy start to the weekend, but now the sun is out, and it's in the mid-50's.  We've been blessed with a beautiful, long fall this year.  Every day that is like this means one day that it's not winter-like! :)

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Jean said...

You got it right - one more day of fall is one less day of winter! Love it! I was actually up there for a quick overnight and then again the following week for a baptism. Wish I could have seen you, but the trips were so quick :-( Next time for sure.