Sunday, July 8, 2012


This past week we experienced some ridiculously hot temps...we probably had at least four days in a row where the heat (and humidity) pushed the temps into triple digits.  Everyone looked a bit miserable, but honestly, in the back of my mind, I remember the frigid and cold winters that we have, so I will not complain (much) about the heat!

The only bummer with the heat for this week was in regards to the 4th of July,  We were going to go as a family to Eagan's Fun Fest days, since they have rides, music, food, and a great fireworks show.  Except...Ava ended up getting a fever Wed-Fri, and the last thing we wanted to do was drag her out in the heat.  So, instead, we had DQ at our house on the 4th. :)  On the plus side, she was still awake (in bed) around 9:30pm, and some neighbors were setting off fireworks, so we took her outside and she got to see a mini-display.  Ava was still pretty happy to see the little show - I love how easy it is to make a kid sure doesn't take much!

We do want to see fireworks at some point, so we think we're going to have to catch the Inver Grove Heights display at their Star City days in September.  Something to look forward to!

We've had a pretty great weekend...lots of time spent with friends, and the weather even cooled off enough that we could spend some good time outdoors.  Ava was with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey yesterday/last night, and they had a wonderful time together.  And that means that Scott and I had a leisurely morning before Ava came back home...we had breakfast on the patio, and even got to stay in bed till 8:30!  Today should be a good day, too, even though I need to work for a bit.  Hoping the work won't take too long, so we can enjoy the day as a family!

(Sorry no pics this week...they wouldn't have been great anyway...we all would have looked melted!)

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