Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quick Visit!

My parents came to town last weekend for a very brief weekend visit...but we managed to squeeze in a lot during those two days.  The weather didn't fully cooperate, but we managed to find enough things to do inside, so it really didn't matter!

Scott and I made a ton of new recipes - it's always more fun (and a little more stressful, so why not?) to try out new recipes for guests, than for ourselves.  Most of them were pretty darn good!  Now, we just need to remember to make them in the future.

My mom also did all of my ironing...which I thought was wonderful!  Ironing is not one of my favorite chores, so to have that help was fantastic! One thing off the list that I didn't have to tackle! 

We also had Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey over for a family dinner on Sunday evening, as it had been too long since all of the grandparents had seen each other.  I think Ava truly enjoyed being the center of attention with her grandparents all watching her!

I think Ava's funny...really funny.  The things she comes up with are hilarious...and my mom got to witness that firsthand while they were here.  My mom and Ava were reading a story together, while sitting at Ava's little table.  They needed to relocate to the couch halfway through the story, and when they got settled in, my mom picked up the book to start reading again.  And then the conversation went something like this:

Grandma Karen: "Now, where was I?"
Ava: "In Colorado."
Grandma Karen: "No, where was I reading?"
Ava: "At the table."
Grandma Karen, muttering; "Oh, you definitely have Grandpa Doug's genes...have to be soooo specific on the questions I ask..."

Personally, I found that entire discussion hilarious, as it's common knowledge that I may have the book smarts in the family, but Scott has the common sense genes.  We think Ava's going to get the best of both of us...and her smarty responses to my mom just proved it!

And I guess this past week, she told the group of boys at daycare that "their brains are in their britches, and they don't know anything!"  Debi told me that she had to turn around, laugh, and then tell Ava that she can't say things like that.  I'm pretty sure I don't use the word "britches" in my general conversations, and I can't really see Scott using it, so we're wondering where that little gem came from...

Cuddling with Grandma Karen...getting a little big for that, I'm afraid!

I haven't had a birthday cake for ME in so long...and then my parents showed up with this yummy one!

Helping Mommy and Grandma Karen make strawberry lemon bars...

Life size Arial and Barbie puzzles!

Grandma Karen, Ava, and Grandma Deb

She has already mastered running in heels...atta girl!

Love this...she looks like such a little lady

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