Sunday, May 20, 2012

She's Getting So Big...

We had two big "milestones" this week with Ava...and now it seems like every time I look at her, I see a little girl, and not my little baby, anymore.  If you asked, she would be happy to tell you, "I am NOT a baby!  I'm a big girl!!"  But then every once in a while, she wants me to carry her like a baby from her bath to her bed, so really, she's sending me mixed messages. :)

I've also spent some time recently looking at past photos of her when she was first born.  I am constantly amazed that the little baby blob who cried, pooped, fussed, and generally made me tired for the last 4 years, has turned into this little girl, who is bright!  And who makes connections in her thought process!  And follows directions when given (by other people, of course, not me or her dad!)

So, what were those milestones, you might ask...

I took her in for her kindergarten screening on Friday.  They did the usual tests of measuring height, weight, hearing (ha!), vision, vocabulary, motor skills, etc.  And she did great!  It was so much fun to watch her interact with an adult, following directions, listening well (for the most, etc.  I very rarely get to see her in that kind of atmosphere, and I relished every minute of it.  Without a doubt, she is okay to go to school next (2013) fall!  We did talk a little bit about pre-school while we were there, and I think just to make sure we get her in, we're going to enroll her in one in SSP.  And if we move prior to the fall (fingers crossed), we'll have to see what the options are in the new area.  Debi does a fantastic job at daycare with her pre-school lessons, and I think adding a new teacher/group of kids will only benefit Ava's social skills, as well as her learning process.

The one thing that we need to work on?  Her grip holding a pencil.  Huh.  I had no idea that at three they needed to have that correct, already.  Turns out, Debi's been working on that with her for four months already, but she keeps reverting back to the full-hand grasp.  But, now we'll keep an eye on it at home whenever she's coloring, and will correct, as needed.

The second milestone was a purchase for her birthday...her first bike!  We were watching her ride her trike around a few weeks ago, and those little knees were going above the handlebars, so we thought it was time to get something new.  Once we figured out what size she needed, we had to choose the style.  No surprise, of course, but we got the princess one!  It has a (removable) carriage as the basket, flower foot pedals, streamers, a bell, and oh, is it girly!  She will LOVE it!  Now we just need to find a place to hide it...

Update on the moving situation:  we have our home inspection scheduled for the end of the month, so we're hoping that everything goes well, and we don't have anything major that needs to be updated/corrected.  I spent several hours in the basement yesterday, and I can say that the laundry room is 99% ready to go!  It just needs a good floor cleaning, and it will be ready to show.  It's been nice going through everything, and tossing out old items.  The greatest find from yesterday's purging processs?  My car touch-up paint - I've been looking for it for the last 3 years!

Today I'll be straightening up the furnace room, and then the only thing we have left to tackle is the office and the main living room in the basement.  Unfortunately, that will take a bit longer, but once we get into it, it should be easier to organize.  We've been so busy that the office became a "just-put- it-here-for-now-until-we-find-someplace-else" room.  But now...I'm ready to get it straightened up!

As for us...Scott's been working looooong hours lately.  This past week, he was working from 5am-10pm.  The poor guy is so exhausted - he needs to take a break.  Thank goodness we have a trip to CO coming up in a few weeks!

And me?  I've been backing someone at work while he's been in Ireland since May 9. And his project is right in the launch phase, so it's been taking almost all of my time at work.  He comes back to the office on Tuesday, and I am going to be so happy to turn this back to him!  I certainly don't mind backing someone up, and I've learned a lot in the process, but I'm ready to focus on my projects, now!

I'm just waiting for Ava to get home (she spent the night at Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey's house), and then we're going to get stuff done around here! 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stay Still!

Obviously, Ava loves to dress up as a princess...and lately, she's started to wear her Alice in Wonderland Halloween costume a bit more.  That makes me happy since it was a little pricey for a one-time use!  Yesterday, she decided that she and Baby Cinderella both needed to wear crowns.  It was too cute, and when I tried to take a picture of them, she refused!  Trying to capture the two of them was nearly impossible. 

I think Ava looks like a mini-adult in this picture...

Note the two different colored shoes...neither of them blue. And Baby Cinderella's crown is around her belly!

I hope she doesn't hold real babies by the neck like this!

We took advantage of the great weather yesterday, and I washed all of the windows, inside and out.  All of the curtains, blinds, window sills, etc. are CLEAN! One more project off the list of things to do.  We're going to try to tackle some of the basement today...although, with the sun shining, it's going to be hard to be inside.  We'll see what really happens!

And, Happy Mother's Day!  Looking forward to going to Deb and Whitey's house for dinner - it looks like it will be a great day to spend with loved ones!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Quick Visit!

My parents came to town last weekend for a very brief weekend visit...but we managed to squeeze in a lot during those two days.  The weather didn't fully cooperate, but we managed to find enough things to do inside, so it really didn't matter!

Scott and I made a ton of new recipes - it's always more fun (and a little more stressful, so why not?) to try out new recipes for guests, than for ourselves.  Most of them were pretty darn good!  Now, we just need to remember to make them in the future.

My mom also did all of my ironing...which I thought was wonderful!  Ironing is not one of my favorite chores, so to have that help was fantastic! One thing off the list that I didn't have to tackle! 

We also had Grandma Deb and Grandpa Whitey over for a family dinner on Sunday evening, as it had been too long since all of the grandparents had seen each other.  I think Ava truly enjoyed being the center of attention with her grandparents all watching her!

I think Ava's funny...really funny.  The things she comes up with are hilarious...and my mom got to witness that firsthand while they were here.  My mom and Ava were reading a story together, while sitting at Ava's little table.  They needed to relocate to the couch halfway through the story, and when they got settled in, my mom picked up the book to start reading again.  And then the conversation went something like this:

Grandma Karen: "Now, where was I?"
Ava: "In Colorado."
Grandma Karen: "No, where was I reading?"
Ava: "At the table."
Grandma Karen, muttering; "Oh, you definitely have Grandpa Doug's genes...have to be soooo specific on the questions I ask..."

Personally, I found that entire discussion hilarious, as it's common knowledge that I may have the book smarts in the family, but Scott has the common sense genes.  We think Ava's going to get the best of both of us...and her smarty responses to my mom just proved it!

And I guess this past week, she told the group of boys at daycare that "their brains are in their britches, and they don't know anything!"  Debi told me that she had to turn around, laugh, and then tell Ava that she can't say things like that.  I'm pretty sure I don't use the word "britches" in my general conversations, and I can't really see Scott using it, so we're wondering where that little gem came from...

Cuddling with Grandma Karen...getting a little big for that, I'm afraid!

I haven't had a birthday cake for ME in so long...and then my parents showed up with this yummy one!

Helping Mommy and Grandma Karen make strawberry lemon bars...

Life size Arial and Barbie puzzles!

Grandma Karen, Ava, and Grandma Deb

She has already mastered running in heels...atta girl!

Love this...she looks like such a little lady