Sunday, April 1, 2012

Two Little Princesses

Every little girl loves stickers, it seems.  This mom is not so crazy about them - just because they turn up in odd places, or in the laundry, and by then, it might be too late!  The other day I found a tiny bone sticker in our office, right next to the door.  Makes me wonder how long it had been there and I hadn't noticed!

So, when my parents send Ava holiday cards, I have mixed feelings when they always come with stickers.  BUT, because Ava enjoys sticking them on things, I just try to get over it.  Sigh.  This week, it was a bit contained, because as soon as her Easter card arrived, she immediately stuck both pages of stickers to the card.  I found her trying to put one on her leg when she ran out of room on the card, but that was the only oddball. 

Gramma Karen and Grampa Doug - these are for you!

I love, love, love how Ava falls asleep, right in the middle of what she's doing, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.  This book that she was reading is one of my favorites - it's all about a beagle who wants to do what the owners do.  Wonder if I can get our dogs to read it!?

Yesterday, we all drove down to Grand Meadow to see our friends, the Winfield family.  Scott and Ava dropped me off in Rochester so Tiffany and I could get facials, and then they continued on to start grilling dinner with Darren, Isabel and Evy.  Darren's parents and sister also joined us, so it was a full house for the evening - but as always, a VERY fun time!

It has been so much fun watching Ava and Isabel grow up and start playing together.  There's an 8 month difference between the two (Isabel is older), but they will be in the same grade at school, starting next fall (yikes!!)  They just have such a good time together, and they both love to dress up, tell stories, and apparently, put on shows for any adults in the area!  Isabel kept telling us that the movie would start in 3 minutes, and then Ava would chime in 30 seconds later and say, "Well, how about 4-5 minutes?"  Someone is learning the art of stalling at an early age...

The best thing about going to a friend's house is all of the different toys, and dress up clothes!  These two lovely princesses had a great time prancing around, all sparkly and full of glitter.  When I took their picture, instead of saying "Cheese!" I got a "Princesses!" 

This is a hand-me down dance outfit from Isabel's is SO dang cute!  Makes me think I should get Ava involved in dance...

Isabel looked so pretty in this sparkly one!

This one kills me...Ava started to fall out of her shoes, and I managed to take a picture at just the right time.  Start early, kid, even at my age, shoes can still be a challenge!


Evy...not a princess quite yet...but having fun!!

The two little princesses!

And their charming prince - according to Isabel, she married Darren.  Her dad.  Where do they learn those things??

It's been a great weekend...still lots to do, and the sun is finally out!  Better enjoy it before it goes!

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