Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Our daycare provider's daughter is a whiz with hair.  I'm not sure if it's because she is a dancer, and always had to have cute hairstyles for the performances, or if she's just naturally good at doing hair...  In any case, I am not.  That's why I have short hair.  If it was any longer, it would be in a ponytail 99% of the time!

So, imagine how happy and surprised I was when Ava came home with this cute 'do!  I had to take a picture because I'm pretty sure I could never re-create it.  But if I wanted to, at least I'll have a guide!

We have been very, very busy getting the house ready to put on the market.  This week we went and picked up samples for the basement bathroom.  Once that's in, I can do a few things to spruce up that room...and that's the last big project!  Our goal is to have it on the market in the next month.  We still need to declutter and clean, and boy, I am NOT looking forward to that.  I'm almost to the point where I want to hire someone to do a thorough cleaning.  Ugh.

Plus, we've had some pretty weather these last few weekends, so it's hard to get up the motivation to stay inside the house and work.  We just need to buckle down and get to it.  But, check out the pups soaking up the sun!  Spanky never cuddles up to the other 2 dogs, so this was pretty cute to see him and Darla together like this.

Big news on the potty front...Ava hasn't pooped in her pants for a few weeks now!  Every morning I've been giving her pear juice, along with her vitamin, and it seems to be getting things a bit more regular.  She's been going a few times a week now (as opposed to her once-a-week "monster"), and has been letting us know when she needs to go.  I feel like a big hurdle has been passed, and frankly, I'm looking forward to the day where I can stop obsessing about her poop.  And talking about it. :)

On that happy note, Happy Wednesday!  Just a few more days till the weekend is here...hooray!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

One Word: SPRING!

What a strange, strange winter we had for Minnesota...barely any snow until March, and then just a few days, later, it's been in the 80's!  However, I am not complaining, nor will I ever complain, about warm weather in MN.  We suffer through so many cold, long, dark days, that the early arrival of spring and bright sunshine is happily welcomed in my life!

Along with spring comes a few fresh things: flowers, thawing dog pooh, and sparkly new shoes!  I bought some lovely tulips a while back, and this past week, picked up some sunny dafodills through my work...the smell of the fresh-cut flowers is wonderful, and the lovely blooms brighten up the kitchen.

The dog pooh isn't nearly as fun, but as pet owner, this time of year seems to be about cleaning up the winter mess, and getting the yard ready to play in.  Scott did a great job this weekend, and he even mowed the lawn today!  I couldn't believe it when I saw green blades of grass poking through the dry remains from last year.  WOW!  Spring really is here!

As for the new shoes...we've made yet another potty deal with Ava.  With the coming of spring, all of her shoes are just a wee bit too small.  We had bought her a pair of light-up flip-flops that were a HUGE hit last year...wherever we went, she got a ton of compliments on them.  So, yesterday, when Ava and I went out shopping, a new pair of light-up flip-flops were on the list.  And we got 'em!  She was so excited to show them off yesterday, along with her green toenails (she is part Irish, you know.)  And as our final bartering chip for potty training, we went big and got her a pair of light-up Sketchers.  Man, those were expensive, but she fell in love with them.  Currently, they're sitting on her dresser, as an incentive to remind her to poop IN the potty (and not her underwear!)  She even went without a pull-up today at naptime (yeah, who are we kidding, she doesn't actually nap anymore,) and she even let me know when she needed to go potty.  According to her, she said, "I told you I needed to go potty, so I didn't pee in my bed!"  Great news considering I had just put fresh linens on her bed!  I feel like we're getting close - thank God.

We started looking at a few houses today, and now Ava has been telling me that her room is too small, and we need a new house.  Yes, Ava, we all agree with you... :)  In one of the neighborhoods, there was another family with two little girls, looking at the houses, too.  One of the little girls told us she was three...and she and Ava instantly started twirling in their dresses around the living room.  And THAT is what I'm looking for - a neighborhood with little kids, Ava's age, that she can play with.  That's so very important to me - and she's such an outgoing kid, that she needs to be around other kids, socializing on a regular basis.  Imagine how happy she was to see this same little girl at another house in the neighborhood, a little bit later.

Lots of stories from today...we gave her a lemonade to drink as we were driving around, and at the second to last house, we noticed she was crossing her legs a lot.  Now, model homes don't always have bathrooms that you can use, so let me just give a big THANK YOU to the lady in the model home in Rosemount, who welcomed us back (and into their bathroom) as we were heading home.  She even gave Ava a mom-like, "Aaaava..." as I was explaining the situation.  Turns out she has a 7 year-old and a 4 year-old daughter, so I can only imagine she understood the immediate need for a potty break!

Ava's bangs have been getting in her face, and I realized it had been waaay too long since she had a haircut.  Thank goodness for walk-ins at Kids Hair!  She requested pigtails, as that's the style she's been sporting lately.  So darn cute!  Now if only I could figure out how to do them without pulling her hair out!

Scott's been smoking a chicken all afternoon, and we're looking forward to a great dinner to wind down this weekend.  It's been fun (can't even mention the St Patty's Day adventures I had last night)...but boy, am I tired!  I'm looking forward to a great night sleep, and starting off the next week with a fresh perspective.  I really love how spring makes everything seem better!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Finally...a Snowman!

For the first time this winter, we've had a few consectutive days of snowy, cold weather.  Pretty ironic since spring starts in just a few weeks.  BUT, we'll take it - as long as it doesn't stay around too long!

The other night, I worked late, but look at what greeted me in the front yard when I came home!  Ava wasn't out there, but look at this funny guy!  I'm not really sure if it's a man...or a bear...or what it is.  But, I do know that Ava had a great time with Scott, building him (it?)  And that's all that matters! 

Last night my friend Emilie came over, and out of the blue, she asked Ava, "Hey, who's that in your front yard?"  I had a moment of panic before I realized she was asking about the snowman...and not a random man in the front yard.  Doubly scary since just 2 hours earlier, I heard a man's voice on our front porch, and the doorbell never rang.  Turns out the mailman was chatting on his cell, but it freaked me out!  Oh, did I mention Scott's been gone all weekend, so this is the point when little noises become BIG ones in my mind!

Ava was being pretty quiet in her room yesterday morning...I like to appreciate the silence, but I'm always concerned as to WHY there's silence.  This time, that silence produced this...princess dresses all lined up, with their matching accessories and shoes.  LOVE it!  One of my friends (on facebook) labeled this as "OCD Princess" - what a perfect description!  Sadly, her Cinderella dress which has the most accessories just didn't make it into the fashion show this time.

And speaking of fashion...check out this combo. Sleeping Beauty and froggy rain boots!  What style!

Once Scott gets home today, we're going to try to go to the movies as a family.  We thought Dr. Seuss' The Lorax looks pretty cute.  Scott hasn't gone to the movies yet with Ava, so this should be fun.  The next question is...3D or not?  And the most important big of a bag of popcorn will we need with these two popcorn fans?!