Sunday, February 5, 2012


We have had so much fun with our new Wii!  It came with a Super Mario Bros game, a Raving Rabbids game, and I splurged and bought a Sesame Street game for Ava, and Just Dance 3 for me.  We've had a lot of fun dancing around our living room, hopping the Potato Sack Race with Elmo, and watching those silly bunnies go through time.  One thing that we haven't taken advantage of yet is the Netflix streaming - but that will be great once we have a chance to settle down and cuddle up in front of the fire and the TV!

Check out these moves as she dances with Elmo!

I just realized that she's actually copying Elmo's moves in this one!

Love that it came with a Grover cover for the remote!

All bundled up and ready to go to daycare!

Her stripey tights make me giggle - they are too cute!

She's been making a lot of smiley faces lately - and then adding tears.  Not really sure what that's about...but check out her face in this one!

Getting ready to watch the Superbowl with Daddy and Darla

Tomorrow is my last scheduled vacation day...but I'm okay with that.  I haven't worked a full week since January 9, and it's been tricky staying caught up with work projects from all of these days off.  But, since it's a "use 'em or lose 'em" rule...I'm going to use them!  A lot of our house projects have been completed, so maybe I'll take the day, and do nothing but read, or watch movies...or nap! :)

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