Sunday, February 19, 2012

Life is Short

It's been a rough fact, if we could skip the next few weeks and just move into March, that would be pretty fantastic.  Right now, I'm not so concerned about what I usually blog about - like how busy we are, and how crazy work is, and why doesn't Ava poop in the potty. 

No, this week, it seems that death surrounded us.  Within five days, we had heard of five people that had died (not including Whitney Houston, of course!)  These five deaths were extensions of our family and friends...some we knew, some we didn't.  But regardess, they left our family and friends wondering and in pain.

Tomorrow morning, Scott and I will be attending the wake for his brother Tim's boyfriend.  Mike was young, only 48, and suffered a heart attack last Sunday.  While his body survived until the middle of last week, there was no brain activity, and the decision was eventually made to let him go. 

In addition to the deaths that happened this week, we're also approaching the 1 year anniversary of Scott's dad's passing.  Tomorrow, it will have been one year since Bruce left us. 

I wasn't kidding when I said it would be great to skip the next few weeks...

Here's a good reminder for those of us that still have the chance to live!

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