Monday, September 5, 2011

Coming to a Close...

Labor Day marks the end of summer...and I think this year, we did get cheated out of a full summer!  It didn't get warm until late June, then we were blasted with high temps and humidity, and then the last few days have been almost chilly.  I'm still happy it's not snowing...but I don't think snow is that far off, unfortunately!

We've been trying to squeeze in a few last summer activities before fall hits us hard.  We enjoyed a last day at the pool, a few outings to the MN State Fair (sans Ava), another round with the water table, and a few more cookouts.  It's 8:15pm, and it's already dark.  I's really over.  Sigh.

In preparation for the fall, I've been asking Ava what she wants to be for Halloween this year.  She's told me Snow White a few times, but tonight she told me she wanted to be Santa.  Huh.  Wonder if you can buy a Santa costume for Halloween.  I'm pretty sure we'll end up with a chiffon dress and tiara of sorts, and not a red fuzzy suit with white trim.  I could be wrong, of course...!

Notice the plethora of pink...and the tiny princess audience watching her play.

Big squeeze from the little cheese!

Our squash and pumpkins have completely taken over the side of the house...and are creeping around to the back!  I actually found one vining onto one of the little petunia plants!

Sometimes, it's hard work getting a picture of the kid - notice the sweat!

Focused on the water table...

And then dunking her head in the water table.  She tried to climb into it, but I stopped her.

On the back of a Harley - that's a first for her!

Happy Summer - enjoy the last few days before the snow flies!

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