Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ava's a Busy Girl

A few weeks ago, we had an evening play date with my friend Amy and her oldest daughter, Kelsi.  Kelsi is 11 months older than Ava, and so much fun to watch. It's like seeing where Ava will be one year from now!  We had dinner, went to their pool, and even watched a Barbie movie!  Kelsi asked if Ava could spend the night...not this time, but very soon, I'm sure!

Fun in the tub, after the pool.  Clearly, something was funny - they're both laughing! Squinty-eyed Ava!

The next day, the three of us drove down south to visit the Winfields.  I remember thinking my friends always had waaay better toys whenever I would visit their houses.  Looks like Ava feels the same way - she made herself at home with Isabel's toys, while Isabel was napping!  Isabel and Ava always have so much fun do the four of us adults.  For the millionth time, I wish they hadn't moved so far away - we miss our best friends!

Our little chef!

Muffins for Darren and Daddy

Getting ready to watch a movie

Already looking forward to our next play date with Ava's (and our) friends!

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