Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer? Where?

So...not really sure where summer is.  We've had weird weather for the last 10 months.  A very long, snowy winter, a non-existant spring, and 1 day of HOT (100+ degree) temps.  In fact, there was a 40+ degree difference between Tuesday's and Wednesday's temps.  So...not really feeling like summer's actually here yet!  However, we are trying to make the best of it.  When we do have some warmer weather, we're trying to get outside and either play in the backyard, go to the park, go to the zoo, pool, etc...
...and, enjoying all of the baby animals in the neighborhood!  In the tree right outside of our kitchen window, we realized there was a nest with 4 little eggs.  They've all since hatched - and we're not really sure how many survived.  At least two very hungry baby birds!  Ava is very interested in checking on them everyday - and she understands why we can't touch them...a lesson that's never too early to be learned!

Love these begonias!

Throwing sand at me, and getting it in my beer.  Naughty Ava.

This made me cringe...sand in the hair!

We spent last Sunday morning at the Como Zoo with Scott's sister, her husband, and their two boys.  I made the mistake of parking by Como Town (the amusement park) and that's all that Ava could focus on.  She didn't want to look at any of the animals, and actually refused to even look at the tigers and lions.  It's funny how early girls learn the "hair toss" manuever.  Of course, as we were getting ready to leave, she started whining about wanting to see the animals! 

If we both make it through her third year, it will be a miracle...just sayin'.

This captures the attitude of the morning perfectly! 
Hunter (4) and Aidan (1) were fantastic!  Ava was not.

Although, she did enjoy walking on the bench as we were trying to leave.  Notice there are no shoes...they were 20 feet away where she threw them!

We're in the midst of a bathroom remodel - new tub and surround...resulting in lots of sheetrock dust!  Next up...the bathroom floors!  I forgot how much I dislike remodeling mess...ugh!  But, I know the end result will be worth it.  And the shower this morning was divine...ahhhh.

It's hard to believe that in less than a week, my little monster sweet princess will be THREE!  We're going to have a family party on Sunday and a fun party at Chuck E Cheese with the Winfields on Saturday.  As I was wrapping all of her gifts (98% Disney Princess), I started to wonder if there was something as TOO much princess.  And then I decided no...the best birthday (or Christmas?) that I had as a kid was when the majority of the gifts I received were Barbie items.  I know she won't be obssessed with the Princesses forever, so might as well let her enjoy while she does! 

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