Sunday, May 29, 2011


So, no new news on the potty training - Ava goes when she wants, and she may or may not let us know when that is.  However, we did pass a milestone this past week - she was able to pick two items from her "potty treat bucket".  Normally, that's not a combo of words that I would usually use together - but in this case, it works!  When she goes at least 5 / 7 days AT HOME in one week, she gets to pick a bigger "treat" out of a bucket.  Last week, she picked a fancy-schmancy lavender headband with a huge flower...and at the same time, she scoped out what other items were available.  Ava saw there was a pink purse in there, and kept that in mind for the next round!  There's also a set of pink and red nail polish, so I'm hoping that she picks that next time.  All I have to say, is thank goodness for the $1 bin at Target!

Ava helped me bake some yummy brownies last week - and she actually DID help!  She followed my directions, and got everything stirred up, nice and well.  FINALLY.  She's beginning to give back to the family.  Ha!  Had I only cooked the brownies long enough, they would have been perfect.  At least someone followed directions well...

And her latest, positively most annoying thing that she's picked up lately is a new word.  Dude.  As in, "Later, dude."  "Thanks, dude."  "Bye, dude."  O.M.G.  If I have to hear that word one more time, I might rip my ears off.  Oh, and then she added it to our names - I'm now Mommy-dude, and Scott's Daddy-dude.  Cute the 1st 10 times.  Not so cute 201 times later.

Hiding before making the brownies.  Not sure why.  BUT, notice the headband?

I asked her why she lined up all of her Little People outside of the house.  She told me they were watching the fire.  I was never able to clarify if the house was burning down, or if they had a fireplace inside.  In any case...creative!

Yesterday, my friend Tina and I went with a group on a winery tour in WI.  We had a great time - and I bought my first bottle of port.  Yum!  After the tour (and our drinks), we went exploring on the grounds.

This is the main building - they hold weddings in the field we were in, and also polocrosse games.  It was a lovely place - can't wait to go back again!

I do believe this is our sampling of the port...

So, dudes, hope you had a most excellent weekend.  This Mommy-dude is off to do a pedi, and some relaxing.  Happy Memorial Day!

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