Sunday, May 8, 2011

Adventures at the Museum

Last week we purchased an annual membership to the Children's Museum in St. Paul. We had been there once before, and realized it was a great place to bring Ava - any time of the year.  We were only there for a few hours on Sunday, and we still had several exhibits to visit.  I like the idea of the membership, so we don't have to squeeze everything into one visit!

The current rotating exhibit is a Legos display - set in medieval times!  There was an area where you could joust, sit on thrones, peer into a spooky dungeon, and even get your picture taken with a dragon!  We also built a little pink (of course) Lego castle!  There was a big box of dress-up clothes, and while I know Ava would have loved to wear the purple princess cape, I also know we would have had one heck of a time getting it off of her.  Sometimes, avoidance is the easiest route!

I told Scott that this year, I want to do MORE with Ava.  I don't want to just go to the park.  Or just play with her sandbox in the back yard.  It's important to me that she gets out, sees lots of other kids, and learns about things, while having fun.  The Children's Museum is an excellent place to start.  We also have a few upcoming play dates to the zoos in the area, which I think we're all excited for!

I'm going to sign her up for a Tiny Tots tumbling class which starts in June - since I never mastered a perfect cartwheel, I'm hoping that she can learn that skill at an early age!

We're on our way to "see him"!  (Ava speak for "museum"...)

Those are some BIG Legos!

A pink castle!  And she found the one flower piece to put on it.

What is that thing?

Considering how scared she is of ants, she had no problem going into their display!

Back to the castle's dungeon...this thing would light up and make scary noises when you'd lift the key.

Helping move blocks

And a few non-museum pics from the last few weeks:

We came to check on her one night, and found her covered by all of her friends!

Playing with her toy baskets...silly kid!

Hiding under her blanket

Everyone should wear heels with polka-dot pjs!

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Jean said...

So fun! We love doing local activities too. Children's museum, zoo, aquarium, puppetry center of arts, etc. It's fun to see the excitement in the kid's eyes when we do new and different activities. And annual passes are definitely the way to go!! If you stay for 20 minutes due to melting children it doesn't matter ;-)