Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cheese, Please!

I had no idea that getting a kitchen play set for Ava meant that I would have to clean up TWO kitchens every night!  The amount of dishes, utensils, pots, pans, and fake food that Ava manages to scatter around our house is ridiculous!  I laugh everytime I find a hamburger patty under the couch, or a fried egg in our bed.  It's almost like a game to see what food items I can locate when I sweep our floors.

Today, she set up her table and "bench" like she was having a picnic.  I really enjoyed the fact that she put a banana and a bunch of grapes in the coffee pot.  Even with all of the fake food she has, today all she wanted to do was chew on a piece of cheese.  Anyone who knows me, will know that this could be a sign that she is definitely MY daughter! :)  And to make it a little more sweet, she was saying a big ol' "Cheeeeese!" as I was attempting to take her picture.

It was a beautiful day here in Minnesota...most of the snow has melted from our front yard.  I am quite happy to see the brown, mushy grass, though...spring is really, truly almost here!  The next thing we need is a good rain to wash all of the winter guck away.  And THEN, we can get busy planting flowers and enjoying the sunshine. 

Ava and Scott did spend a fair amount of time outside today.  Scott was working on a truck, and Ava had a blast in the backyard playing in her little house, pulling the wagon around, and creating chalk designs all over the sidewalk.  Needless to say, she fell asleep right away tonight.  Fresh air to the rescue!

Northern MN is supposed to be getting snow tomorrow, but I am crossing my fingers and toes that it misses the Twin Cities completely.  I need the blue skies and sunshine...winter needs to be done!


Jean @ Typical Suburban Family said...

I'm pretty sure eating cheese isn't what is going to convince people that she is yours. She looks ABSOLUTELY identical to you AND your mother both. Cheese isn't going to make the difference at this point ;-)

I too am crossing everything I can that you don't get more snow. We've had rain for almost a week straight and I've wanted to cry. Not sure what I would do if that were snow. Yesterday was beautiful and the coming week is suppose to be as well. Our garden and flowers are going to be planted in the next week. Cannot wait!

Jean @ Typical Suburban Family said...

I feel your pain. I am constantly picking up play food and dishes. And the worst is that on one random day I was feeling nice (and energetic) and suggested bringing the kitchen and food outside to play with in the new play house. Now they want it out there all the time and now not only do I have to collect the stuff throughout the yard, but I also have to CLEAN it each day. Learn more my mistake. Keep it in the house ;-)

Lisa said...

I've heard banana-grape coffee is quite tasty. :) And YAY for cheese!

Yeah- that snow on Monday? We got it up at my parents... but it was all gone by the end of the day.